Given the flux of currency, what strategies have you used to make sure you survive and keep gambling


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I'm looking for new perspectives, every down side is a bonus in another way regarding highs and lows. Making small bets, lots of big bets. sticking to your favorite providers or machines or everything under the sun? I'm curious. like for example
Cryptos have gone insane and that's why I don't gamble using them at all now
These are truly weird times for cryptos and that's why I am extremely careful with any crypto bets. I try to make small bets, as it can help to build up a steady win rate, and avoid losing all the money in one go. Another strategy is to stick to my favorite providers or machines, as you may have more luck with them. You can also try to diversify your bets by trying out new games or providers. This can help you to find new opportunities and increase your chances of winning. Another strategy is to research and play with the best online casinos in the United Kingdom. They can provide you with the best chances of winning and the best bonuses.