Gifs to entertain more!


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Gifs to entertain more!


It was dark, the blackish night ever to me! Everywhere I moved was captured in silence, the trees as if disappeared, my house distanced and the timing rolled back! Something sounded behind, and a shadow ahead but was mine! I, with a nervous state, looked behind and found a bright and colourful logo on which it was written "WINDICE.IO SPECIAL GIF EVENT".

So hello once again my amazing community with a new intro haha 🤣🤣😅! How are your games going and hope the wins are lying under your pillows haha 😂!

I'm here with an initiative that may advance the chatrooms and make them more entertaining. Gif; has never been a part of the system in chats! There are users who use "Imgur" to generate gifs and upload them in the chat. However, dull people like me just watch them with open mouths, because hard to understand or low storage to keep a new app in the phone for posting gifs. And maybe we are lazy to do it hahaha 🤣!

It will be great if the chatrooms contain an extra option for sending gifs which would already be organized for the easiness of users. I know, when the users get this new initiative, they start spamming in chat that may turn our good chat to a spam room! But there is a solution too hahaha 🤣! Ideas with solutions free of cost haha! There should be a limit in time for each user to send a gif in chat, just like the delay for getting faucets! This manages the mindset of users to not only spam gifs but chat too as they are doing!

There should be brightening, happy and encouraging gifs in the system that shall not harm rest of users. For example, adult gifs, extra silly gifs and illusive gifs should be avoided! Educational, good gambling, and appreciation gifts may be wonderful if are added in the system!


Hopefully this new initiative be more fun-full for the chat and can engage the users more effectively while they have no words to speak with one another hahaha 🤣🤣🤣

Peach out guys 😄