Fun: Are You Really Intelligent?


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Fun: Are You Really Intelligent?

Hi, the bored people! How is the life ongoing? I can just hope for your well-being and the best luck in Windice! I'm here for another, smaller than before maybe, thread, or higher and interesting, to entertain you a little! This is gonna be related to some tactical mathematics, sharpen your minds before you start attempting it!

If you are intelligent, just let me know the answer of 20 divided by 0. Many of you may refer to 20 and some would say 0! The most intelligent people will start saying why is not it an "error" because maths' rules always break their heads beating with stones in order to clarify the correct use of formulas. Whenever 0 comes at the bottom of a dividing equation that means "Error" or "Unsolvable".

Wait, let me not bore you more with these types of questions, I already named you "bored people" just above! So let's come up with our newest question by ripping our most craziest mod "Anon". Because he has the strongest bond with "Mrs Anon", well, I know that he calls her "Ms Anon" to respect her :p

Anon has 6 btc, and his wife has half of it! Anon, after 1 million years successfully builds 60 btc! On way, he meets a girl who has ltc, and impresses her with his btc, however, the girl with impressed one is "Mrs Anon", now tell me what will be Anon's condition at home? Just joking! After reaching home, Anon has 60 new and shiny btc, how many btc will his wife be having then? You know? Then let me and other viewers know the number of her btc in the comment section :) :p
1 million year? It's too long will they survive answer 60?she will take the remaining half ? I don't know rip my english i didn't get it haha.
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