Faucet Bombs Only Remain!


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Faucet Bombs Only Remain!

Hello, the family of Windice 💕 how are you keeping? Every time, I can just hope and pray for your good health, because it is said "Health is Wealth". I welcome you all and the management department of Windice in my latest thread 🧵 from the warmest corner of my heart ❤️! This is gonna be an imitative thread covering an area from "Faucet option" that is most probably the most loved section of busty, broken, and bored users. There is a picture I would love to show you before stating the idea, watch the picture just below!

WhatsApp Image 2024-04-16 at 5.54.12 PM.jpeg

Have you experienced this before? Or how does it look to experience? Really cool yeah! Getting 13 diamonds for faucets out of which the remaining 3 hold the bombs is another type of feeling that I yet have not witnessed myself so far. My idea is derived from this picture, it was one of my fellow's luck in getting all those 13 diamonds and cleverly skipping the bombs 💣.

Windice has been providing several chances for the users to get crypto, like from chat rains of crypto and wincoins, mods' trivia of crypto and wincoins, mods' fun hunts for crypto and wincoins, daily Wincoins contest and weekly Team vs Team Rollhunt contests worth 10$ to those gaining points. All of these are free distribution of coins to build a withdrawal amount. However, the wincoins are useful for a great share of 600 doges as per the position by coin's reset time in Daily Wincoins Contest.

On the other hand, there are weekly challenges and contests useful when one has crypto to play! They have required minimum bets amount only in crypto to participate in those challenges. However, for wager contests, one has to be wagering more than the rests using only "crypto".

Faucet plays a beneficial role in the category, the most amazing thing is it is available for every user. The amount increases when one has more levels and stars so that means a chance to build wincoins for Daily Wincoins Contest. Users from level 21 get eligible for claiming crypto faucets too, but it costs them expo that are maintaining their levels.

On this point regarding faucets collection, when one successfully collects all the diamonds there remains only 3 boxes containing bombs. This section of booms can be effectively utilised for a little more happiness of the users through getting them a crypto reward for free. Windice team can set up an affordable amount of crypto within the section that will make users more eager to claim faucets and remain in the site. The reward can be 5-10 doges or equal in any other crypto that I believe won't be a much great cost for the site to pay, however, but is a rewards collection like getting after completing a challenge.

It does never mean that my words shall fit accurate to everyone. Anyone can oppose or favour my proposed idea for a better experience in the site as a user.

At the end, every step by the authorities of the site is wholeheartedly respected and accepted! I feel love when I'm around and I feel really good to share amazing ideas for the betterment, though the site already ranks on top! Grateful for everything whether love or money that I received from the site 💕💕
After birthday special hunt i didn't try much faucet 😁 if after all 13 diamond crypto will be displayed, i will try more faucet with wincoin 😜