Father's Day

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Father's Day is celebrated in many countries, but on different dates. The idea of celebrating Father's Day arose in 1910 was led by an American named Smart Dodd, who was somehow trying to make the role of parents in society stand out. especially those parents who, like hers, had to play the role of father and mother at the same time, William Dodd; Smart's father was a veteran of the Civil War that originated in the United States, he was widowed when his wife died when she gave birth to their sixth child, Smart seeing that his father took the responsibility and task of taking care of them and educating them alone without their mother, he saw that his father was a loving and selfless man by making all kinds of sacrifices to support their children. It was since then that she began to mark June 5, the day of her father's birthday as a date to celebrate parents, but did not get support.
Later, in 1915 the project remained firm and it was proposed that each family celebrate Father's Day with total freedom. In this way it was achieved in 1972 that it was made official on the third Sunday of june to pay tribute to parents, from that year the celebration quickly spread to Europe, Latin America, Asia, and Africa. In the beginning, Father's Day had a family and non-commercial character, but with the passage of time the commercial establishments began to take advantage of that issue promoting and selling parent-related products.

It is good to know these types of stories and how some topics originate, to my point of seeing things I think there are many parents who deserve to pay tribute that day since it is true, there are many men who take on the responsibility of being parents and educate their children alone, perhaps because they have a story similar to that of the American Dodd with her father William Dodd, as there are others who are looking for a woman to help them raise their children, there are others who abandon their children and that should not be because a baby does not ask to come to this world and I think that's the responsibility of that father who begets a child. In this era you see so many types of parents, there are; affectionate, polite, responsible, courageous, intelligent, respectful, grumpy hehe of all kinds, but if they behave well with their children the prize will be great.
So your man you read me, if you are a father or you will be a future father this post is for you, I hope that the role of father you carry with a lot of responsibility and love for your children who are a blessing, give them the best education so that in the future they can reward you, as did Smart Dodd at the time with his father William Dodd. I hope that wherever you are you spend a happy Father's Day! ✨✨
Happy fathers day to u, to your father, grandfather, brothers, male cousins, uncles, male friends and all fathers in the world. Happy fathers day to the father of WINDICE too. He is our father and we are his children. Hahaha

Be blessed and be an inspiration to all young males and boys always. To grow up responsible and caring. 😁
This good one, but I am not a father, now, I agree with you that Windice's father is our father hehe here we are all like a family with the. 😅