English chat; giving it a dramatic scenario


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English Chat; giving it a dramatic scenario

Hello my lovely pals how are you all doing these days? Crypto prices, specially, of BTC and TRX is moving up, how do you see their future standing? Okay, let me not jump to that area, there are some really good researchers reviewing their prices and telling you what to do! So what am I here for? Don't you need entertainment? Or are you clogged with laughter already like the branches in a creek? You do require it too yeah? So that is what I'm lurking and spotting locations worth laughable! Everything I post in this is totally imaginary and hopefully it won't hurt anyone :)

So this is a drama based on English language! We, the English chat users, are mostly 2nd language speaker of English! We don't basically belong to English itself but learned it through educational institutions or Google translators. We have some native speakers of English in our chat too like "Onypeid and Whyburn". However, there is influencing power in the method English is used by onypeid, as a results, I am giving him the role of the new English teacher in the drama. And others are the students who are led by whyburn as a class monitor in absence of the teacher.

Let's begin our short drama of an English Class :p

😊 😊 😊 😊 😊 😊 😊 😊 😊 😊 😊 😊

It is early the morning 8:30am and the English class starts! There are a total number of 10 students all are waiting for their new teacher "@onypeid'.
1) @Unluckybolte 2) @whyburn 3) @anonnep 4) @Zahid 5) @Don718 6) @thawtar 7) @Sv13rby 8) @Shahyan123 9) @BadLuckKing and 10) @TBALOCH620
Everyone of the class is shouting, flying paper jets to one another and jumping on the desk!

Onypeid enters having an attendance register under his arms with a shotgun on his shoulder! That is a 2 barrel shotgun! Each student gets flabbergasted when they see the gun! Shivering starts in all sitting students! The flying paper jets stop, the class gets disciplined! And it starts :)

Onypeid: Good Morning everyone! Fear is to live among you all, this gun is not a child's toy, it shoots and then the target remains plated. Better is to put a closed zip and the strongest lock 🔐 on it! I feel super angry whenever I listen the murmurings while a process to leaning English is being taught! Hope you guys understand! (He points the students one by one like giving a warning)

The students in nervous look each other

All: Gotted teacherrrrr!
Onypeid: remember, it is not "Gotted" rather it is "got it"! You understood!
All: Yes teacherrr!
Onypeid: Okay, so tell me who knows English very well?
Anonnep: I'm the super villains of English Language!

Onypeid fires a bullet just before Anonnep's feet!
Onypeid: It is "Villain" while being used for one person you damnit! Don't show off next time! And sit down!

Anonnep unconsciously while beating his teeth in fear sits down.

Whyburn: I know English, my Lord!
Onypeid: That is something good to hear! So you are the class monitor! Inform me if anyone does extra in the class in my absence, understood?
Whyburn: Understood, my Lord!

Onypeid opens the "Using and Understanding Grammar" and starts teaching "Salamm's post about the prices of altcoins"

Onypeid: Okay, so you need to repeat with me some sentences! Are you guys ready? (He shouts and says)
All: Yes Teacherrr!
Onypeid: @salamm wants to travel past! Repeat with me loud!
All repeat, except Zahid who is old!: Salamm wants/wanted/want to travel past.
Onypeid: What nonsense Mr Zahid; stand up!
Zahid stands
Onypeid: Go near the window, fast!
He obeys!
Onypeid: Say goodbye my friends!
Zahid: Goododo my freenzes!
Onypeid: What bullshit is it! Repeat with me! Good!
Zahid: Good
Onypeid: Bye
Zahid: Bye
Onypeid: My friends
Zahid: my friendzes!
Onypeid: huh damnit!
He fires the bullet and Zahid like a Plastic bag falls down from the window!
Onypeid; You all here, repeat exactly if you want to learn English! Don't mispronounce the words! You understood!
Unluckybolte: Sir what if one does not know pronunciation?
Onypeid: The ones who don't know how to say words shall have 2 choices!
Whyburn: What are they sir?
Onypeid: One, they shall stand near the window I will shot them! And the 2nd, jump from the window fast! I'm counting till 10, only those who know English must be sitting here in the class! Countdown starts (oneeeeee)

After onypeid's countdown, everyone, except whyburn, Anonnep and Sv13rby started jumping from the window!

Onypeid (twooo, threeeee, fourrrrr, fiveeeeee, sixxxxxxx, sevennnnnn, eightttttt nineeeee and tennnnnnn)

Onypeid: What the hell, where are remaining students?
Sv13rby: all of them just jumped from the window!

Onypeid views down!

Everyone is attached to the other and all are hanged on the tower near outside the window!
Anonnep: Oh god, pick me up! Pick my up!
Onypeid: Hey you, it is "Take me to you" "take my everything to you" . You understood! And he shoots a bullet!

All of the students who jumped fell in a dustbin!

Onypeid: That is the right place for you all! Stay there forever you idiots!

Onypeid blushes after seeing the smile on Whyburn's face and asks her for a drive to a park!

Unluckybolte and Sv13rby remains in the class and becomes close friends, who start learning one another's language!


Note, this is just for entertainment purposes and to say, English is not that much hard to learn, you just need to befriending good people around! Everyone in English chat is super friendly once you understand their psyche! You can get benefits through asking him for some useful suggestions too!

That was all :) hope you enjoyed it! I know it was short and a little angry type :) good luck my fellows!