Employee or entrepreneur?

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When I was a child, I listened to older adults talk about school, how important it was to learn in a school, to pass the different subjects, graduate and enter college; Graduate, get a degree and start working in some company, but is this correct? Is it good for us to follow the pattern our seniors told us when we were kids?
Which of you followed that pattern? Did they study until college and then look for a job? :unsure:

From what I've seen throughout my life is that most people study and then get a job as an employee, earn minimum wage, have benefits, insurance and settlement, by law they receive vacations, but, they have a fixed working hours, This means that they cannot miss their work, if they miss without cause they can be fired and he loses his job. If he manages to retire, he receives a retirement payment and that is why he will maintain his old age since he can not work due to the age he would have, being already an old man but that by right corresponds to him well, it has provided its services to a certain company.

On the contrary, an entrepreneur bets on his ideas and his vocation, he is hungry for opportunities to create businesses, to believe in his potential, Of course, the entrepreneur has at the beginning much narrower paths than an employee, but, if he thinks well what he wants to do, he can achieve it, You do not need large sums of money to start a business, I have always heard that you start from the bottom, In fact, you can start as an employee but not get stuck working for a company. You can perfectly start saving money to invest it in something small and from there go making scales until you achieve your goals.

The entrepreneur can become an entrepreneur and make his company grow more and more, he can get his vacation from there, does not have the same schedule as an employee, can go to school events, parties and meetings with friends, You can even travel to several countries depending on the business you undertake, instead the employee must ask for permission. The entrepreneur can take his own retirement from his business and live a quiet old age, instead the employee depends on an agency that pays him, this varies according to the country of each person reading this of course.

Then I conclude that to my point of seeing things, I prefer to be an entrepreneur and get ahead, although at first the road is narrow and thorny, But in the end it will be fruitful, I prefer to be my own boss than to be employed, and you? What would they like to be? Tell me! 🙂