Dogs Never Deceive


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Early in summer holidays, I and my family travelled towards our village, where my Grandpa was living, I mean my mother's father. My younger brother named, Muneeb never liked dogs at all. We were near to reached in our village, suddenly my eyes kept on a beautiful dog, I called my father," Daddy please stop the car for a while I need to take that puppy". He replied with anger," No need of taking puppy, keep silence and sit". He replied like so because of disliking dogs, once he was bitten by a dog. There wasn't any other ways beside crying, then I cried and my mom made my father compelled to stopped the car. I got out and took the puppy with my both hands and in no time got in the car, because my daddy was looking angry and I didn't want he should scold me. I was not having any gifts for my Grandpa, and I knew he liked puppy since in his childhood, that's why I took it. We reached in village and without taking my bag, I rushed towards my Grandpa, and called him," Grandpa, Grandpa, where are you? I have a beautiful gift for you". He didn't reply, because he wanted me to found him. After some minutes I found him under his bed. I showed my gift to him, he looked too happy and thanked me. I wondered here and there, but I could not find any place where I could feel enjoy, then I asked my Grandpa," Isn't here any place, where I would feel enjoy"? He laughed and said," there is back side of my garden there is another garden where you could feel enjoy and get fun, but take care okay people said that there is a ghost". "Grandpa, it is 21st century, now there is no ghosts". I went after this statement. I felt feared, because he was saying about ghost very seriously, the dog also followed me. I threw stones on it that it should not come, and after throwing stone it ran towards home. I entered in the garden and directly, started cutting fruits of mangoes, and bananas. There was a beautiful mango up side, which I was not able to cut, then I took a big stick and beaten the mango with the help of my handed stick. I cut it and it went under some trees which were above the earth. I put my hands between earth and trees and took out the mango, then I listened something sounding very threateningly, I started crying and a ghost came out under the tree and about to eat me, alas! My body stopped working, and it came nearer and opened its mouth, I closed my eyes and after a while I opened and nothing happened to me, my dog was laying on the earth and its tale was going here and there and playing with my mango, I thanked God and thought what happened? where the ghost went? Why it didn't eat me? By thinking about these questions in my mind, I went at home and shared my small story of the garden and the ghost, he said," Dear Ali, dogs have the ability to make ghost run from the place where they would be staying, may your dog has disappeared the ghost from you". Everything can deceive, but the dogs stay back and in front for saving their owners".
Your tale about the puppy and your grandpa's ghostly garden adventure had me hooked from start to finish. It's incredible how dogs can be such loyal companions, right?Speaking of dogs, it's funny how they never deceive, just like your dog protected you from that so-called ghost. It's moments like these that remind us how special the bond between humans and dogs can be.I'm always on the lookout for ways to keep our furry friends happy and relaxed. Recently, I ran into an article about the benefits of CBD oil for dogs with anxiety on Orlandomagazine.