Did you know we have a private/group chat on forum? 🤔


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Did you know we have a private/group chat on forum?

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You read the question rightly, and do you actually know about it? Probably, no! If yes, maybe unaware of the feature wholly!

Hey guys, it is Unluckybolte, your assist; maybe for many, and a fellow for everyone around forum community! Here I am with a new and interesting fact regarding forum! It is, probably a new one for most of you! And I believe that functioning it will be too much beautiful and a way to save conversations in-between for as long as we can! Let's delve deep into it!

There is a chatroom in forum community too! It is for personal chat between two users and it can run as a group chat too. Why do we have another chat in forum? And is it helpful? Well, yes. I used the forum chat for some urgent message deliveries as it never asks a friendly connection to be allowed for sending messages. Those who are active, either dropped a message incidentally or willingly are able to chat. in before some weeks, I wanted to send a message to one of the forum challenge doers, as he did a mistake. He was not my in-game friend so I used the forum chat to contact him, and it worked. The user rectified his entries and got the chance to receive the rewards.
I am attaching a link for the tutorial where you can watch out for starting a conversation/chat.
(Link for the Tutorial)
My phone has some issues for decorating features, so I am using Mod @Anniegio video link as a decorative features from which you can learn to make your chats colourful, or simply beautiful. The link is attached below.
(Mod Annie's video link)

The written work is less, because you are gonna know them by watching the video )
Go learn about it and enjoy the private conversation :)