Decorations and Quality!


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Decorations and Quality

Hello my lovely friends ❤️ Hope this greeting is finding you with full health and having just everlasting moments. Like every time, I'm back with another work of writing! This one covers a major concept between 2 best things that one shall have in his works.

Have you wondered whether "Decorations" and "Quality" are comparable or can be contrasted? Finding the difference or the power of their unity is 💯% something helpful for everyone. This thread consists of my own thoughts regarding the above mentioned major words; here I must name them "terms".

What dictionary says about their meaning is quite important, therefore the lexical meanings are mentioned just below!

Decorations: "Any item that adorns, enriches, or beautifies; something added by way of embellishment or ornamentation." (English Dictionary).

Quality: "Level of excellence." (English Dictionary)

One can just say that Decorations is the quality of making something beautiful, by adding extraordinary materials that brings colorfulness, adorableness and attractiveness, on the other hand, The Quality is the level of its highness than the others, though not decorated with so many materials, but it does contain the internal beauty.

We mostly find people trying to beautify their things, not to make their works the best but to make them look the best! And it sometimes turns the worst! Let me include a personal experience. We were just given results of our one paper, I scored 26/30 and a friend of mine scored 13/30. My Friend has just one of the best handwritings in shape of its beauty when it is pasted on pages. The way he manages alphabets and the equality of the letters' height and width is just awesome; and the marks he got, 13 only! I don't say he is a dull student but he did fail working on his "level of excellence". I don't have a good handwriting but a quality of managing things on paper because of what I was almost the top scorer in the subject!

overall one can conclude that, with developing something beautiful, he or she need to be careful about its quality too. And everyone shall have a strong check on quality than the beautification to choose what the best is for them 💕💕.

hope this be helpful for everyone who reads it!