Daily Wincoin (new users)

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The daily wincoin contest is a daily competition that is all about climbing to the top with the WIN token, The more wins you have, the more chances you have of winning, the best 10 players will be rewarded with doges according to the position they obtain.

How much WIN do you have to have to enter the table?

That depends on the players who are in that table at that time, the data is automatically updated by seconds according to the amount that competitors are getting.


But, today caught my attention as absolutely new players have so many wins in a short time and without having to write in the chat to get them, the faucet gives wins according to the level that the user has, as shown in this image.


To your surprise, here I have the new users, specifically accounts created between yesterday and today, so, if anyone has a better explanation for that, please write it down in the comments.

Totally agree, today I have been aware of the movement of the table of positions of the contest. . E been watching as new level 1 accounts have appeared again and again in the leaderboard, making large amounts of wincoin, without even writing a message i've been spending the whole day, watching how again and again new users apear with a lot of win and if this loose a new one appearing. so on throughout the day, and it has caught my attention very wierd day in contes, and I am sure, that like me others have seen it.
I don't like it either. I spoke to the moderator about it. they sent me to the support to write. it is necessary to make a restriction to new accounts. For example, accounts that are already 7 days old after registration can take part. or who wrote 100 messages.
I agree with you, there should be a rule that says that new users to enter contests must follow "X" requirements!
Its a dummy account,they are taking advantage of the wincoin contest... thank you for sharing...
Ahh. It's totally funny today. moderators read the topic. Will they take any action?


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I hope they take a measure soon, because it's not fair for the other players who have time here.
maybe they will take action soon. i have a hard time getting to 1k wincoins xD i won the other day but only pure luck lol