Culture: Outfits of Baloch Females


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Outfits of Baloch females

Hello, hope you are doing great :) this post is a cultural based thread. I thought sharing culture would be a good content from which everyone can get amazing knowledge regarding a culture!

Baloch people are specifically recognized through their beautified dressing styles which are handicapped.
Dresses; too have different shapes except the rest cultures of the world. The fact, Balochi women's dresses have most beautiful artistic works which seem too attractive and snatch everyone's eyes towards them. A single dress has embroidery work of more than 5 to 6 colourful threads.

In today's world, Balochi females dresses have high demands all over the world, dresses are too much fashionable and known to be too much expensive. Beautification done on a Balochi female dress compels everyone culture women to have it worn once at any rate. Girls dresses, in Balochi language, are named as "Pashk" withholding its pant, which in Balochi, is named as "Shalwaar" which is widely loose enough. Pashk is manufactured with colourful threats, it has heavy embroidered sleeves and borders with a big pocket front side, its pocket is called "Pandhool". Its "Pandhool" is a triangle shaped with "Daman" and other lots of embroidery work done on it. The most important part of a Balochi female dress is its scarf which in Balochi is called "Goshan". "Goshan" is chosen according to the colour of the dress and is embroidered as per the order of embroideries the dress contains.

On the other hand, uniqueness and values of Balochi dress enhanced artist works of Baloch females. There hardly exists a nation to design eyes catching dresses all overall the world except Baloch nation. For making one suit of Balochi female dress, multiple glasses, coloured threads, including a fabric which is usually used and that fabric can be a cotton or silk. Widow Baloch in Balochi culture never wear as lightly clothes as other common woman, they use to wear without light embroidered borders and threads on the dresses. Likely, newly married women wear heavy, rich and bright coloured embroidered clothes.

Some embroideries of Balochi female clothes have high prices and some low prices. Clothes price increments is depended upon the embroideries designed on a single suit. Some old embroideries names in Balochi are mentioned below:
"Chenokahe Naal" which usually under 30 or 35 years woman wear.

"Murge Paad o Baharuk" worn by a recent married woman mostly on 2nd day of the marriage.
after the marriage woman use to wear, "Kappuk o Thalo" woman wears after the marriage and these both embroideries designs are old one and new ones are, "Waptaghen Banor", "Mah-e-Jalwa", "Istangul" and "Hansaggul" from these designs, "Hansaggul" is one of the most expensive designs, if overall suit would have this only design, then its price will be worth rupees 1,50,000, every embroidery style has one design in the scarf and the scarf of "Hansaggul" is cost Rs50,000.

Furthermore, Balochi dresses are the source of income for poor Baloch woman whose husbands are dead or disabled. A proper dress needs many weeks to months, including much money to be prepared, because it is handmade beauty on the dress. Sometimes Baloch woman from Turbat; a city in Balochistan and rural areas use to take contracts for preparing dresses. My own mother use to sew clothes for Iranians woman and for one contract, three to four women take part.