Creativity is something that cannot be taught!


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Creativity is something that cannot be taught

There were 2 goats and each of them approached a gogo tree's branches for a meal. One of them tried so hard to jump and eat, though it hardly got a leaf in its mouth. The 2nd one pushed a hard material kept aside, brought it near a wall next to tree. It got up and easily ate as many leaves as possible.

The short story has nothing, but the perception of creativity in a mind.
A question might click your minds that what this Creativity actually means? According to dictionary of Oxford Languages, "Creativity is the use of imagination or original ideas to create something." Creativeness does not belong to anyone from whom you can borrow untill and unless one starts thinking creatively on what he feels and imagines. A famous quotation of Honoré de Balzac rightly goes, "Creativity is inspired by thoughts and ideas in the minds of a person, and those are not things that can be taught by other people."

A teacher who teaches can just build a path in that particular subject, and makes one dependent on those specific topics. Those are of, surely, no creativeness, rather a type of learning old concepts. Creative mind is poured with skills birth internally, with no any external force.

Furthermore, for every individual, a situation remains constant, things be like no different but the same and the time they have is nevertheless more or less than of others. Still one can find out not all of the people in the list of greatest ever creative developer. The reason that sticks in-between is of experiencing something in a different way, and matchmaking of dots –same for everyone– in a perfect manner to succeed in new inventions.

We can refer to many of the personalities such as Thomas Edison, whose creativeness got in extreme level and brightened the world. On the other side, Sir Isaac Newton, who did what is a science, but all that happened is because of thinking differently and creatively. He did not ate the apply like others, but used his imagination and critical ideas why did not it go upward and fall down? Remember one thing, creativity is a soul of a body, when on feeds it with usefulness, it emerges well and when one loses attentions over it, it dies!

Quotations are taken from another article, as to make my argument more powerful which is allowed while writing such a topic :)