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Conversation on Windice

A: Uffs the poverty! Don't you let me get my desires?
B: What happened dear? Is everything alright?
A: I wish if everything was well and good, but the poverty! Why people born with a poor background and why not all are rich?
B: oh I got you. Are you feeling tired in living a poor life?
A: I'm terribly.
B: Do you wanna earn?
A: everyone does want, but how? My one hand and a foot do not work, no one will hire me!
B: Don't worry friend, I am taking about online earning, you can easily do it, all that you need is a phone and an internet connection that you already avail.
A: Sounds cool 😎! How can I start and where?
B: There is a site, namely,, where people bet and win lots of money.
A: What? Bet? You mean gambling?
B: Yes, I meant that!
A: How can I gamble? I don't have a single money to dice.
B: Windice has amazing features, you can start your gambling without investing any money. There are free contests that help you get money through which later you can gamble.
A: omg 😳 that is wonderful! A site without investing money if gives that is appreciating!
B: Of course baby! Do you wanna join?
A: yes, I do!
B: Wait, let me share you my affiliate link he he 😁 through you I can earn freely!
A: Wow, that is good that we can bring refarral and earn. Amazing, do it fast I wanna join this asap.
AB: So are you guys ready to join windice like us, and be the family of this amazing community? Let's go and have fun 😄!