Control your emotions by betting smartly

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For many of us who are in this world of cryptocurrencies and more betting in casinos it has become difficult for us to bet without despair in the vast majority of cases; I include myself because it has happened to me and I have come to the conclusion that we must bet dominating our emotions, Yes! Since many times our minds make us have a hard time and we end up losing everything, more stressed, angry And, these days I've realized that and I've thought that many times we lose control because we're blinded. and we do not see that the Bot uses an algorithm, which rotates randomly and that is where we must be intelligent and know which multiplier to use so we don't have to go through these situations where we want to kill people hehe.

These are games of chance and it's about winning and losing because we can't always win of course, but what we can do is play intelligently controlling our emotions, I know it's not easy but it's not difficult either and one of the ways to control our emotions is: exercise, practice yoga, go out with family or friends to the park or the movies and distract the mind, this way you will release endorphins and make you feel better, when you return to the casino you will come with your mind clearer. Otherwise, if we do not control our emotions, they will increase and that is very dangerous for our mental health.

PS: I hope this post can help everyone who needs it or feels identified.