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(I provide you with an approximate translation of my Russian poem) For: @Katy34 @Olenka
May the New Year come to us,
Brings a lot of happiness to everyone!
Wealth, peace and warmth,
May your soul bloom every day!
Health, joy, victory
And life for many, many years!
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Hello everyone. I am darki and a new member of Windice.
about Christmas i just say that Christmas will always be as long as we stand heart to heart and hand to hand. so merry Christmas.
beside that i prepared a digital illustration to post in Christmas challenge. this is for Windice family. New and old. And @windice itself. wish you guys like that.
Artboard 1-100.jpg
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Happy @windice all and my feiends
happy bets on dice and crash
also and to slots and whell
ohhh I forgot and the roulette
when we won so many times...
Happy greens in lovely dice -
-don`t forget and mirror the part
When we play we strong toghether!!-
when we play we love each-other.....
when we play we win forever!!!

Enjoy your bets in best my friends
Merry Christmas and to be Happy New Year!!!
سلام به همه. من دارکی هستم و عضو جدید ویندیس هستم.
در مورد کریسمس فقط می گویم که کریسمس همیشه تا زمانی خواهد بود که ما صمیمانه و دست به دست هم باشیم. پس کریسمس مبارک
علاوه بر آن، من یک تصویر دیجیتال برای ارسال در چالش کریسمس آماده کردم. این برای @Windice است. اینطوری برایت آرزو می کنم
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Feliz Natal desde já, você é muito talentoso ea imagem que desenhou é muito especial e linda
С наступающим вас мои дорогие. Счастливого Нового года с искренними пожеланиями.May your holidays be filled with fun, laughter, and lots of twinkling lights.



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Merry Merry Christmas to Overall Windice Family

Hello, hope you all are doing great and winning lots of money. A creator develops an art and a writer uses his words for the purpose. Lacking editing skills, I prepared my writing a better source for greeting you all a Merry Merry Christmas through composing some poetic lines to define a bitter reality faced by many failed people. Hope you all like this ;) This is in 4 parts, 1st part covers real world's troubles and hardship, the 2nd part covers of the internet ones and the 3rd is covering the blessing portion of windice for me, including users, moderators and admin. I added the 4th part as a general Christmas greeting :)

Stay Happy, Stay winning, Stay United and turn to a powerful community... PEACE


Part 1.jpeg


Part 2.jpeg


Part 3.jpeg


Part 4.jpeg

May your Christmas festivities be filled with love, joy, and cherished memories. May this festive season bring you closer together and fill your hearts with warmth and happiness. Cheers to a really joyous and heartfelt Christmas for the Windice family!

My deepest sentiments for you all love, joy, and enthusiasm! I pray that you have an incredible day full with excellent events.

A special thanks to all of you diligent admin and moderators that keep things operating smoothly! Your devotion and hard work are much appreciated. Thank you for creating a welcoming environment for all of us. You All are fantastic!

To be completely honest, I wouldn't want to accidentally leave someone out of my greetings, so I won't include their names. I wouldn't want to anger anyone because of me during this lovely festival! With humility I send my best wishes and greetings to everyone! I hope you understand my viewpoint!

Sincerely: Dewayne



I_ \
|__ \

\O o)\√√______
(< ) / #######\ ''''''''''''"''' '''''''' M@rry Christmas
_{'~` } #########| '''''''''''''' From all of us here at Windice!
/_ { _}_/ ########| '''''" ''' Thank you for all the great Fun this year. Let’s sit back, relax
/ { / _|#/ ) #####| ' '''.'''' "''' Enjoy and then get ready to win and share the fun again.
/ \_~/ /_ \ |####| ' ''''' ''''"'' ' Happy New year all gamblers and Mods.
\______\/ \ | |####|
\__________\|/#####| .... ... ....
|__[X]_____/ \###|
| |/ | / \ )
|___/ |___/
_ / / _ I) '''''' ....................... Good Idea this Thread.
(___,_ (___,_)


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Hello everyone. I am darki and a new member of Windice.
about Christmas i just say that Christmas will always be as long as we stand heart to heart and hand to hand. so merry Christmas.
beside that i prepared a digital illustration to post in Christmas challenge. this is for @Windice. wish you like that.
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Drood bah bah ostad ajab gohi khardom invitet dam
I couldn't take a picture, but I wish everyone health and success, be happy in all stages of life, no matter what happens ......
God…. give me peace To accept what I cannot change God, give me courage and courage To change what I can change God, give me insight To know the difference between the two And understand me So that I don't expect the world and the people of the world to behave according to my wishes...
I wanted to take a minute to send my best wishes to the amazing Windice family as we set off on yet another adventure around the sun. You've all done your part to create a lively and unique community here.

I hope that the stars will continue to align in your favor and that the upcoming year will be filled with happiness, prosperity, and thrilling experiences. I hope that the friendships formed over the dice tables, the wisdom provided in trivia, and the camaraderie shared in chats all become stronger every day.

May you have wise plans, good fortune while rolling the dice, and lots of wins. But beyond the games, may your relationships grow and this virtual space always be a haven of encouragement, camaraderie, and shared jokes.

Cheers to another year filled with exciting rolls, insightful facts, and the delight of meeting like-minded people from all around the world. I hope the days ahead bring you wealth, health, and the type of victories that make you grin for the rest of your life.

Wishing you all a Happy New Year filled with excitement, success, and the magic that makes Windice more than just a game - a true family.

Cheers to the Windice Family!🎉🎲💬


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Hey everbody!

I want to wish all users on Windice a merry christmas and a happy 2024! I hope that all of your dreams and wishes come true ❤️!

An extra greeting to user @onipeid with this poem I wrote:
Warm greetings, kindness, some advice and/or constructive chat
Inside windice he stands for all of that.
No windice without this dear user,
Doing all he can against every abuser.
In hunts and trivia's he is a master,
Copying or answering so much faster.
Every day we are happy to know, that our dear @onipeid will show.

Best @onipeid I wish you the best christmas! Windice would not be the same without you. I wish you love, fortune and happiness! I hope you get some good food and some nice presents these days 🎁. Have the best 2024 where I hope all your dreams come true! 🥳


PS. Keep hold of your stars, there is a certain user who collects them 😇
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On this special day of Christmas i would eagerly want to wish MERRY CHRISTMAS to all my windice family with all my love and feelings for every single person over here. I spent too good times with all of you and enjoyed interacting with you all. Your support means a lot to me i hope this upcoming year may bring lot's of adorable memories, and wish to get love and joyful moments further more... Again wishing merry Christmas to admin with all moderators and advance wish for new year from TBALOCH620 to all windice family ....
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