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Chatting Channel on Telegram!


"Hey what did you say? I was not here and missed that"

"Hey, I was in WhatsApp and got to miss your tag, can you speak that again?"

"Bad internet connection, I missed all of your tags, can you tag me again with your messages?"

I guess, every active chatter has witnessed such kind of responses within the Windice chat! It happens that users face above mentioned problems while chatting online and the online chat waits for none, everyone understands and believes it!

Answer to above messages, one mostly receives, is "Sorry, I forgot what I was telling." Means the communication gets a break! I do read that, because one side I need to check my WhatsApp for updates as my classes again began just two weeks ago. However, I did witness it from other users as well! Whether they got internet-establishment problem or left the chat for some personal reasons and after being back they hear the "teng" sound while vibrating and everything refreshes after completion of "Establishing connection....!".

Oh sorry, I added much of my introductory words before speaking of my own behalf; nevertheless, giving an idea what I am gonna narrate to you all in the thread! This is Unluckybolte, might be, your beloved friend! This thread is mainly focused for an initiative step, a chatting channel for users; online and offline on Telegram! We often, as already described, face lots of issues because of what we miss priceless words of our beloved family. In order to end this issue is totally simple and too much effective for bridging users!

Windice in-chat rooms are often so fast that causes a slow down of having constructive chatting and sometimes it happens to get distracted while discussing serious things. We are a family from worldwide; having a chat that would remain unchanged and the messages will always exist whenever one visits, would help users form more a friendly environment! Users learn from one another, and talks, users do, are available just for seconds in the chatroom!

I do always appreciate Windice and its team for facilitating users by best of their hard works! There is a channel of Windice on telegram, purposefully designed for hunts only! One cannot share anything, like a video or start a deep discussion as the rules are set!

The team can develop another channel for public chatters! Users of Windice can have a strong connection in-between through that channel! Let's suppose, I missed a productive conversation because of being busy somewhere else, if that is in the channel, surely I have a chance to read the chats afterwards as well can benefit myself from that!

I hope this initiative will be useful for every user, having a good will for building connection, to the best of his end! I personally see this as a chain breaking step that will able us talk, enjoy and benefit ourselves! I know, leaving a chat without rules is equal to ruining personal privacy! Mods can give tasks to the users as caretaker of the channel! And other important rules that developers better know :)

How do you see this initiative?
Although they want people to be engaged in their windice chats, this is a casino, and your idea is quite good.
TG is a third party application. Like any other casinos, the purpose of the Tg channel is for announcements, which you can't even make comments. As for Windice, since hunts are also hosted, comments are allowed but no spamming as much as possible. And the purpose of the Windice chatrooms is for chatting wherein you don't have to go to a third party app while chatting.