Chat hack for newbies


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Chat hack for newbies!

Hello 👋 how are you all doing? Hope everything around you is moving smoothly on its perfect path like the planets orbiting around the sun 🌞. This thread is a piece of suggestion for the newbies, specially when they are having a conversation with other users. New users join chat and are really awesome when communicating with the friends in chat! But the issue arise when they fail to tag those to whom they are having a conversation! Tagging helps them know whether the words are for anyone special or are left to get replies by anyone!

There are two simple methods for this!

Method 1:

By clicking the username of any user, the system automatically tags the user and notifies him that one is trying to talk to him!



I greeted @Fjlxmjv152 and in reply I was not tagged, as he did not know this hack of the chat hahaha 😂😂 later I suggested in the chat how can they do it!

Method 2:

It is a little tougher than the first one. Here a user needs to put (@) in front of the username of any user. It works same as the method mentioned above !


To wind up, they both are genuinely effective when the users are out of chat, are playing any games unless slots if they are android users. I would appreciate the system organizer that arranged this amazing system for the users. Hopefully this piece of work is helpful for the new users!