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As we are growing as a community and welcoming new members every day. We are likely growing as a bigger traffic in the chat too which is causing increased spam in the chat. Not all the users are spammers, but some!

Whenever a new user is seen in a chat the concerned mods and some good users guide them by sharing the chat rules with them to avoid spamming in the chat and staying safe from getting muted. But still there are several users who don’t understand chat rules or willingly avoid to be familiar with them and continue doing spam in the chat.

So I just thought to explain some of the things to avoid in the chat for having a better chatting experience!

First of all, it is necessary to understand that for every language there is a separate chat room in Windice and people are only allowed to talk in the specific language in their respective chatrooms. It is for those people who belong to that specific language but there are a lot of users who chat in different languages by the help of google translate service. And that sometimes turns bad as whole meaning of the text is changed that causes conflicts in users. That’s why only native-speaking users should chat in that specific chat.

Secondly, in English chat, which is the biggest chat, there are several users who unnecessarily send messages in the chat to have better chance of getting rain. I can give a lot of example on that. Users send three to four one word messages in the same time after which chat becomes spammy and mods only, in try to stop spam, say one praise "Chat Constructively and avoid spam". Instead of sending three to four messages, send one that includes all that the user want to convey. And wait unless you get a response to it or simply don’t send messages without tagging anyone. It will automatically reduce spamming.

After that, there is another big issue that happens every time in the chat which is over posting of bets. Everyone likes to share his/her bets but the way some spammers do is annoying. Bets under 100x shall not be entertained in the chat or no less than 1 dollar or 1000 wincoins and reds of the same. That’s the minimum number I have said as I don’t like sharing bets or should say a lot of bets. But those spammers keep posting their every bet. Like winning 2 wincoins and 0.00005 trx. And losing while betting minimum bets. These kind of users should be given 5 minutes mute every time they do so. It is the only way to stop their spammy shits!

These are my some advices for the users to do for having a better chatting system and a less spammy chat.
Thank you for taking the initiative to promote a positive and respectful chat environment! It's great that mods and helpful users are guiding new members and sharing chat rules to prevent spam and muting.