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Hello 👋 Unluckybolte here! Hope you all are doing well! I'm changing my account? How does this sound? Well? Or boring? Hahaha ! Okay let's come to the Point! I always try to illustrate things happening in windice :) because being part of such a outstanding community, I need or ought to be describing windice. You can find my posts regarding windice discussion which for many of the people are unknown! I purpose Only to shed light on hidden treasures or unknown treasures that are available on windice. Like, TvT, Rollhunt Contest, power of support and many others here :)

Same today's one is about the changing of account! Many people think that changing accounts bring luck in their games 🎯 but it is not about changing of accounts, rather bringing good strategies within the gaming system 🙂 one plays. Don't every try to change your account, rather be a person to find out what is most favorable to the account you have! I thought I must change the account when I had no payout, but alter I knew, my strategies are weak enough! I was playing crash at the beginning, did not get any good wins. I changed my game to plinko and that was the first day that I was successful in getting payout :) later the plinko, I felt, is getting bad, so I chose dice and crash and almost my most of the biggest wins were worth a payout 😁

All that I believed, is not the changing of accounts beneficial, rather bringing strong strategies in your gameplay ☺️

What mistakes we do? And their solutions :) here are just 4 common :)

1) We don't have consistency. When we feel the number or target we have chosing is not to fall then we change! And this is a mistake we do :)
2) We try copying others! Every seed is different from others, be with your own strategies! You can find best of your versions by losing, experiencing and implementation of your own ways!
3) We show our self inferior than others while gambling! For us others are our biggest motivation and want to be like them without knowing that they were like us too :)
4) We fail in selecting our right game. For some, dice is the best, for some slots are the best, for some crash is the best. And seeing them, we start choosing those without being our own teacher! It is a fact to look and learn, but not to look and choose!