Btc moving forward


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Btc moving forward


The recent increased in the price of BTC was a shocking thing for me! The collapse brought it down $17k in the last year, but with beginning of this 2023, it managed again to be stable. Now the price of BTC is above $30k which every gambler and crypto trader wants. After seeing this hike in price, I had a small research to read something that how or why BTC raised up! There I could manage to find more points, but seemingly 5 important I chose to describe to you! As the are followed :)

1) Institutional Adoption: A number of well-known businesses, financial institutions, and hedge funds, including Tesla, MicroStrategy, and Square, have begun to invest in Bitcoin. Its credibility as a store of value and a potential investment opportunity has been enhanced by this.

2) Only 21 million bitcoins are expected to ever exist, making bitcoin's supply limited. If more individuals want to buy and hold it, this scarcity may increase demand and value for Bitcoin.

3) Fears about Inflation: As governments all over the world continue to print money to boost their economies, many investors are worried about the risk of inflation. Due to its decentralised nature and lack of centralised control, Bitcoin has been viewed as a potential hedge against inflation.

4)Increased Awareness: Because Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have received more media attention and social media attention, more individuals are now aware of them. As a result, there is now greater interest in and demand for Bitcoin, which has increased its value.

5) Infrastructure Improvement: Since the infrastructure for buying and selling Bitcoin has gotten better over time, it has been simpler for people to invest in it. The value of BTC has increased as a result of major exchanges like Coinbase, Binance, and Kraken making it simpler for institutional investors to enter the market.

May for other researchers or reader understand it differently! Or may for them these 5 reasons are not the most effective ones. But as for me, they might have strong connection in increment of the BTC price :)