Breaking paradigms (The Crystal Society)


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The crystal society is called people who are mostly people who are offended by anything they are told today, I mean; They are very fragile people to the truth. I begin this text like this to make it clear that it is without wishing to offend or disrespect anyone much less so that no one takes it personally, it is just a topic that sounds a lot today and I want to give my point of view and only what I will say here is nothing but the truth. If you consider yourself a fragile person, or belong to the crystal generation, it is best not to continue reading this.
Warning: I am responsible for what I write, not what you can understand.

Well, let's continue; I decided to call this publication Breaking paradigms because there will be several episodes, in this case it is called: (The Crystal Society); that as I said above, they are very fragile people to the truth and I've noticed that when they touch on the subject of people who like other people of the same sex they set off alarm bells as if they were attacking him and I wonder, why do they react like that?

Isn't it true what most people say or touch on about a person's sexuality?

Isn't it true that on planet earth there are only female and male living beings? Woman and man? Male and female? Is it not true that for one to procreate on this earth one needs a living being of the opposite sex? Or have you seen a cow having sex with another cow? Isn't it? A cow mates with a bull and they have calves, nothing I have said so far is out of logic.

So I don't understand why they are offended, many of them are offended if they call it sir or lady depending on the sex they have, for example: do I know a case of a man who thinks he is a woman who is annoyed to be called a man, that is, hello? Is everything okay at home? As far as I know there are only two sexes, female and male, the female sex is composed of human beings who have ovaries and the male sex is composed of human beings who have a prostate, some go to the gynecologist (women) and others to the urologist (men), We are human beings but what I want to emphasize is that some have a female reproductive system and others have a male reproductive system. That you believe yourself of the opposite sex to the one you were born does not mean that you are, that you want society to accept it is something else, but that you want to impose that as a new sex I do not accept it and we should not accept it because it is wrong, it is not correct, it is the taste of each one, if I liked someone of the same sex I am not going to argue with someone who calls me madam, if I am madam, but I think I am a man it is something else, but I can't cover the sun with a finger. I can't pretend that everyone likes my tastes, I can not pretend that everyone likes me as in this case at this point in the post I know that many do not like what I say, But as I said at the beginning if you are sensitive do not keep reading this, because here what I am saying is nothing but the truth, I see how in schools they are touching on that issue a lot, in the cartoons they are also putting the subject, that does not seem healthy to me, children do not touch each other, they let them live their childhood, they are innocent beings who at that age do not know good and bad.

They must be educated with good manners, with principles and values, so that when they are adults they make their decision of who they want to make a family with, meanwhile a boy is a boy, a girl is a girl and they do not deserve to be traumatized from a young age, keep an eye on your kids which is what they do because nowadays they know more about technology than all of us who are in this casino. Here it is perfectly known that you can not touch the subject of sexuality in the casino rooms, that's why I wrote this in the General section of the forum because it is global, does it mean that you can talk about any topic, right? Otherwise he would not be called "General".

In closing, I want you to know that I respect people who decided to partner someone else of the same sex, It is his taste and I respect it but I do not share it, each one with his each, I am one of the people who believes in forming a family with the opposite sex, in this case, my case; I'm a straight person, we can't use men just to give us children and then throw them away or vice versa, you can't use a person just to reproduce and then throw them away, that's unethical. It's not right to use a person's feelings that way, you can't. Let us respect each other, have more empathy with other human beings, just as the LGBT community demands respect, We the beings of this ordinary society also demand respect, since we all have the same rights, no one is more than anyone.​

¡Let's live in a better world! 🫶🌍