Book Review: Like It Happened Yesterday by Ravinder Singh


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Like It Happened Yesterday by Ravinder Singh :)


The novel ‘Like it Happened Yesterday’ has been written by Ravinder Singh, an Indian novelist and it is a successful reminder of childhood. He has written six books, and this is his third one. Ravinder Singh belonged to a poor family and spent his childhood in poverty. His father worked hard to provide education to his children so they don’t suffer like him in poverty. He mostly represents his own social problems that arise in India and highlights them with his simple writing so as the readers, specifically in India, must get the points.

Ravinder Singh’s description of childhood is relevant to everyone because every person’s childhood is more or less similar to what has been described by the author. After reading the book, I also recalled my childhood days because it has a strong connection with one’s past.

The book also covers the issue of ‘fake’ friendships, which end up creating difficulties in one’s life.

The writer absolutely talked about those moments, which everyone try for doing in childhood, like being exited, emotional, hating doctors, falling in love, sexual acts and naughtiness. He described how Indian youth are getting the worst suggestions which compel them to glorify sexual harassment or to abuse children as today it is going on in India. Most of Indian societies are separated because of problems creation by societies.

‘Like It Happened Yesterday’ instills in readers a sense of nostalgia and makes them recall the days gone by. The author beautifully describes the many ‘firsts’ that a person goes through while moving from childhood to adolescence and then adulthood. These things are what we can all relate to, but are not too open about them due to societal boundaries and the taboos associated with discussing one’s sexuality or other similar aspects of ‘growing up’.

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