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Principles of Social Reconstruction

The English book Principles of Social Reconstruction was authored by the London-born psychologist and philosopher Bertrand Russell. Abulfarah Yamayun translated this book from its original English into Urdu, which was released in 1971. This book emphasises a number of important factors that affect a nation's development, including the state and its governance, poverty, social issues, war, and many more. The idea behind the book is to outline the issues that can arise in a nation if it does not fund education. A state should ensure that its citizens receive an education, as this is a fundamental human right. Lack of education caused the destruction of numerous illiterate nations. The book is packed with advice for the prime leader and chief minister of every nation. An undeveloped economy and a high prevalence of illiteracy are the only factors contributing to a nation's bad situation. Wars between two countries are also brought on by poverty. The book includes much more towards the brighter future of a nation if it does follow!