Bitcoin 20k or 30k?

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In an interview, they asked Rick Rieder, BlackRock's head of Global Investments; the world's largest investment fund, if you think the price of Bitcoin will go to $20,000.00 or $30,000.00. To which Rieder replied; that although the recent increase in volatility is a good sign for the crypto market and there are more and more recognized companies investing in this industry, in the short term things are really uncertain because if tomorrow or in a few months, the US government decides to pass an extremely negative law to regulate crypto assets, prices will undoubtedly fall. In addition, I clarify that BlackRock's commitment to digital assets such as Bitcoin is designed for the long term. and what will define prices in the long run are three possible options regarding the U.S. recession or economic crisis.

✅Option number 1: strong recession; would cause a fall in all assets considered high-risk such as technology stocks and crypto assets Of course, I clarify that this is the least likely option according to the published data on inflation and employment.

✅Option number 2: mild recession; It would cause a slow but progressive rise in the aforementioned assets.

✅Option number 3: no recession; This would give way to the start of an extremely bullish market.
Let's hope that Bitcoin continues to grow even more, hopefully it will overcome the barrier of $60,000.00
The recent surge in interest from established companies does instill confidence, yet the short-term terrain remains uncertain due to regulatory variables that could tip the balance. His emphasis on BlackRock's long-term commitment to digital assets like Bitcoin underscores the strategic outlook that investment giants adopt.

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