Benefits of Chatrooms


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We are already in the use of Windice, many of us, reading this post have joined the chatrooms. Let me shed lights to the benefits of chatrooms and attract those of chatrooms haters to join it! I have myself witnessed so many and useful advantages of being a chatter in chatrooms accordance with one's language.

1) Chatrooms provide amazing rewards, in shape of crypto to play and win more, and even in shape of Wincoins to get, play and be in the contest till the end. Wincoins rankers will get doges after the contest is ended up!

2) Most of the time, when users get amazing wins they love to share through trivias and rains. Those who are actively participating in chatrooms chat will get high Chance winning of rains made by high winners. Secondly, those high winners do big Trivias, sometimes of 5xrp or even more, sometimes 0.025 ltc or even More etc.

3) Mods do amazing Trivias. Users can get amazing rewards in windice's fun coins, can make this big enough to be ranked in the daily contest and win a share of 600 doges! It sounds too good!

4) Mods have taken a new technique of entertaining the chatters in the room! They run train games, in which user gets some coin to double and return the basic amount given if they get it a green on 2x. Let's suppose if the user lose that coins, it surely matters not! The game goes on!

5) Mods are on daily basis running amazing dice hunt like to hunt the numbers 1234, 2222, x55x and etc to get 3trx or 5trx with a good amount of Wincoins. It sounds better than that!

These were benefits for the crypto/money gain purposes. The other ones are you can say, getting good talks with different people, Unknown, but build amazing relations and even sometimes act as if being our own. They motivate, cherish people when they win, and console when they get loss! That is the amazing thing you can find in chatrooms!