Anonnep; Let's Watch Him Out! 😜


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Anonnep; Let's Watch Him Out! 😜


Hello all, how are you Windicers doing? Finding you on this thread witnesses your health, most probably, fine and hope you be fine ❤️ forever! Here I, Unluckybolte, come up with another post that is based, mainly, on the character of Moderator @anonnep ! This piece of writing covers him in 3 portions! One the conversation between Anonnep and Me (Completely imagenary), second, the adopted jokes from an Indian anchor, actor and dancer "Raghav Juyal" and utilizing them on anonnep and Ms anonnep! And the third is a survey that remarks trivia-making of anonnep whether users love his trivia or not!

PS: The permission for this post has been granted by the moderator Anonnep :) and this does not mean to harm anyone, rather to be a little bit more creative in a try to derive a character extensively!

Portion 1:
Conversation between Anonnep and Me on his trivias' answers and questions, including the historical background! (Imagination is a key sole for creativity)

Anon: Unluckybolte can you hear me?
Unluckybolte: No I cannot hear you!
Anon: Okay then listen carefully!
Unluckybolte: Speak some words, my ears are tired of listening silenced music!
Anon: Do you know why do I choose @Essa123 in questions of marriage?
Unluckybolte: Of course, because he is married and you know the issue of marriage!
Anon: Rip Unluckybolte! You are so genius in your own dreams! My mind was wondering somewhere else why did I ask you this question?
Unluckybolte: I don't know! You asked because you are married! Why did not you ask of someone else?
Anon: Essa123 is single, that is why he is my main focused on the questions of marriage! You know, he dm me daily that use him in such questions so that one from windice falls in love with him!
Unluckybolte: Rip Rip Rip! I thought you are married! But I guess you are purely single!
Anon: What do you mean? I did not understand you! Was that a joke? Wait I laugh! Ha ha ha 😂!
Unluckybolte: Because being a married, you still want to drag someone to the world of liers haha 😂 tell him that your happiness is just imagenary, the reality is, washing clothes, dancing for making her happy, washing dishes and sweeping home! He will never dm you for such questions! And never volunteer again haha !
Anon: And you know I use Ms Anonnep! Aww my love!
Unluckybolte: I can understand that the word "Love* seems beautiful when being used in imagination he he 😁!
Anon: Other users say, you, fake PhD teach English to me! English comes to me they know not! I joke in broken English!
Unluckybolte: yeah yeah! Wait I stand and smash hands with one and another to clap 👏👏! You comes to English! I know and I teach not you know because I'm "Fake PHD" haha laugh now!
Anon: ha ha ha ha ! Is it enough? No okay ! Ha ha ha ha ha now enough my belly is aching!
Unluckybolte: Anon, why you love mentioning "Mental hospital and street" as answers of your trivias?
Anon: Wait ! Let me slap you hard first!
(Anon Slapped) ask again!
Unluckybolte: Oh I got I got, you are married that is why! Haha 😂 😂
Anon joins laughter ( ha Ha Ha ).

Portion 2:
Utilizing jokes of Indian Anchor, Actor and Dancer "Raghav Juyal" on the relation of Ms Anonnep and Anonnep. (Jokes are in Hindi, and translation plays a vital role for sharing thoughts, feelings, behaviors of a lingual family to another)

Joke 1:

Anonnep and Ms Anonnep visiting the doctor!

Doctor takes the report, rubbing his Santa like beard, and speaks!

Doctor: Anonnep, the crazy mod of Windice! You know, this is an old disease that has been eating your body! It seems too much dangerous! I don't know till when your life goes, but take care of you and start keeping your self far from the effects of the disease!
Anon: Doctor Doctor shhhh 🤫🤫🤫! (Goes near the doctor and says in his ear) speak slowly, the Disease is sitting just outside, if she listens so we both are gone!

Joke 2:

Ms Anonnep: Anon, if you win 10 btc in a lottery, and on the same day I get kidnapped by thieves! If the thieves ask you to give them 10 btc and take me back! What will you do then?
Anon: I'm sure that I'm not so lucky to win 2 2 lotteries on the same day! Hahaha 😂

Joke: 3

Anonnep and Ms Anonnep in a Hotel!

Anonnep: Hello helpline sector! Please come fast, my wife fought with me and is trying to suicide through jumping from room's window! Please come fast come fast!
Hotel helper: Sorry Sir we have nothing to do with your personal issues!
Anonnep: It is not a Personal issues, Window is stuck and unable to get opened, it seems a maintainance issue, so come fast fast and repair it...!

Joke 4:

Ms Anonnep and Anonnep in a train!

After seeing Anonnep chatting with a beautiful girl in the train;
Ms Anonnep: Let's go home I will provide you first aids and bandages..
Anonnep: But I'm not injured...
Ms Anonnep: We have not reached home yet!

Joke 5:

Ms Anonnep and Anonnep in TV room!

Ms Anonnep: Baby Baby! I'm in mood of watching horror movies!
Anonnep: Oh okay, our wedding CDs are kept in cupboard go and watch them... Hahaha

Portion 3:
Mentioning the answers I got from my surveys on "Remarks on Trivia-making of Anonnep whether they are crazy and interesting or not. They are mentioned below" And some of my own analysis!

The question were like:

How do you feel when you see Anonnep making trivias?
How do you feel when you see anonnep doing trivia? Or what do you feel while answering his trivias? Or can you share any statement for his trivias?

1=} @MrSteven69

"To be honest haha anonnep does a lot of trivia’s that most of us don’t understand, like does trivia’s on Essa's marriage and trivia’s on his neighbours."

"Yes it is funny a lot of the times but not everyone understands it!"

2=} @Don718

"Anonnep trivia very interesting and funny."

3=} @Farhad435

"I feel surprised when I see questions."

4=} @onipeid

1))) "I feel like I need to change the way I think if I have any chance of answering it correctly."

2))) "But no, I'm pretty used to it."

5=} @helena214

"Chat is alive while he is hosting his trivia and I see it not so crazy but funny."

6=} @AlexHales595

"I feel very good and look forward to anonnep's trivia every evening. I also like other moderate's trivia but anonnep's trivia looks cute."

7=} @Sv13rby

"Statement: Anonnep's trivia is a mix of craziness, out of the box thinking, fun, never know what to expect as well as a tiny tiny part logic sometimes :)."

8=} @sezginakil

"He is the moderator I like. I don't think what they're doing is nonsense. It eases a tense atmosphere. I think this is correct. After all, this is not a government office."


My own analysis on the users' answers and personal observations! I can say that we feel too much glad when we find the trivias of anonnep ongoing in the chat! Helena told well that we become "Alive in the chat" just because of his funny and crazy trivias. On the other hand, some of the users said how much interesting his trivias are because they are "Logical and crazy" (Sv13rby). Users really enjoying the answers of his trivias too! I'm attaching some of the questions and answers of his trivias just below so that everyone can get an idea how much creative and effective they are. Because of his trivias I truly smile most of the time! We hope we continuously see him bringing more and more such funny environment through his questions!



This is logical because don does bad deeds, and for bad deeds the place prison is prepared!



Here who was simply in the question, most of the users find the answer who with a ? effective because they win the trivia easily!



User Essa123's marriage is the most favorite concern of the chat! In such situations, users can imagine essa123's marriage, because if never occurs, like the prices of TRX and BTC it goes up and comes down hahaha unreachable haha 🤣

At Last, I hope everyone of you enjoyed this short, though long, piece of writing based on anonnep! This was just purposed for making something new emerge on forum that has never been developed before! Because we are here to come up with more creative and effective threads 😄!!!


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Hahahah awesome really I loved that man he's always crazy 🤣 and unlucky thanks for beautiful post love you anonnep and unlucky
Haha i m here for long time, where free on his triva time but couldn't get him, even though never closer to answer, very crazy man with craziest trivia! By the way i like jokes Said above 🤣🤣🤣 while reading them have smile on face! 😊
Haha i m here for long time, where free on his triva time but couldn't get him, even though never closer to answer, very crazy man with craziest trivia! By the way i like jokes Said above 🤣🤣🤣 while reading them have smile on face! 😊
Hhhh truly :) jokes well suited him haha so that is why involved some so that readers get entertained 😁😜