Anonnep & His Imagination


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Once there was a mod whose name was Anonnep. He used to be the most handsome mod of Windice. Every lady of Windice was in love with him, even some of the mods were his followers. He had a big fan following of ladies in his neighborhood and some had strong crush on him.But all other ladies' hearts broke when they came to know that Anonnep was already married and there could be only one Mrs. Anonnep. Even some ladies tried to commit suicide. Anonnep could not see ladies in such heartbroken conditions so he decided to become “Anonnep the ladies' lover”. Apart from his married life and hiding from his wife, he started to fulfill the dreams of ladies. So that there should not be any one left heartbroken because of him.

Anonnep the ladies’ lover is also known as “Crazy Trivia Master”. All users of Windice waited for him every day for his crazy trivia which are the funniest trivia’s done by any mod in Windice. He ripped everyone in his trivia’s in a way that no one felt bad being ripped. Even they wanted to be ripped by Anonnep. Surprisingly,other mods loved his trivia’s as they were also ripped.

It was hard for him to cheat on his wife. But he was compelled to do that. He started spending more time in the toilet with his phone hiding from his wife and talking with other ladies or it would be better to say the neighbor’s wife. He was living the dream life of @Essa123 and @BadLuckKing (me). Not talking about the married side, but having a lot of girlfriends and enjoying, talking and flirting with them. To spread more love to ladies he used to visit neighbors' wives when their husbands were not at home.

He was living an amazing life but as it is said everything is temporary and like bad times good times shall pass. So his good time also passed as one day when he was in neighbor’s house with neighbor’s wife and the melancholic bell of his life rang, his wife caught him. He ran in the streets without a shirt. And his wife was behind him with a Pan in her hand and the target was Anonnep’s head which can be seen in his profile photo. Somehow he managed to escape from Mrs. Anonnep and spend all night on the streets. He went to his house next day when wife was not home. He was having a bath when the door knocked. It was the neighbor’s husband who wanted to beat Anonnep and at the same time Mrs. Anonnep came and she knew that Anonnep was at home. She searched for him and came to know that Anonnep is taking a bath while neighbor’s husband also came in the house.

Now he was stuck in a bathroom which had two doors. Behind one there was an angry bird (Mrs. Anonnep) and behind the other there was a wounded lion (neighbors' husband). He could not open either of the doors and was stuck in the toilet. He was shouting, “sorry sorry”. All of a sudden the alarm rang and he woke up.

"It was a scary dream." Said Anonnep while inhaling a long breath!

Note= Its an Imaginary story for fun and has nothing with reality.