An end always brings a new start!


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An end always brings a new start!


2023 is turning to 2024; a year goes beyond!
Old stories shall get replaced by new beginnings!

Hello all, how are you doing? Hopefully, everyone is charmingly happy and having best of their time! I'm, you better know, Unluckybolte whose words always try to bring something new! This time, my words are weaker; cannot express the new beginning, because for that, an old is getting beyond! This piece focuses on an understanding, though too late, but too much important to mention before the year ends! I wanna end up every bad experience with a year passing by in just few hours! I have been worst for some, and to make our relations better for the next year, I am paying apologies!

Let's overview, release bad feelings and double the good ones!

Let's overview, learn of bad experiences and replace them to good ones!
All that is gone is past, and what we have is present!

It soon turns to future; Advance Happy New Year 🎊!

Joining the site since 09/10/2021; a total number of 83 days and 4 hours; means a long journey with so many people: some are known and the others unknown, but at the end, everyone is now familiar to me like the family members I have!

Extra for fun "I forgot to sip sip my tea, it has become cold now, let me have another cup of tea to proceed 😊 😜😜"

It is, forsooth, that there raises fights among family members; sometimes as rough and uncontrollable that departure becomes the only option! Thankful to the God; have not seen departure because of fights within the site except a stop in conversations for months! So let me pay some apologies, not because they have made mistakes or did something wrong to me, but because I had a dull mind to understand!

To Our Crazy entertainer: Mod @anonnep :)

AN APOLOGY TO YOU! I remember the day, you were running a train game for users' entertainment and a kind of help to get crypto for betting! You mistakenly chose me and later turned to someone else! My mind did not gain the full story and started behaving angrily; later I was made understood by Badluckking! I stopped joining your trivias and hunts, but after some like 3-4 months I was unveiled to my mistake! When I returned you did not said anything else but welcomed like nothing had happened :) Love and Respect 💞 I like the name "Fake PhD" 🤩 for myself 😉 grateful for this amazing identity :) and again sorry for my rude behaviour!

To Some other Users,

I don't wanna mention their names but I hope this apology will be a source to maintain or reemerge our bonds within the Windice community again :) money makes one successful and sometimes departs the bond of honesty! I pay an apology to the users, they know, for every rude behaviour if I ever had: a sorry, that is just a word, but sometimes saves a connection and a smile, that is just an expression, but sometimes brings happiness in-between! Grateful to those users who did bear me and my anger like a brother, sister, cousin or even like a friend who are used to bear the mistake of their beloveds!

To mods @Bekyhig180 and @helena214 :)

I remember that I had a clash, actually because of my immature mind that time! The clash was on Forum winners and on Anon's choosing of another user while tagging me; later I knew I was not the one he tagged first! Mod Beky was supporting Anon, I thought that because of being a mod she is support Anon. Later she told that after looking chat history she has come to the solution that Anon did not choose me but someone else first and a mistake in tagging was a reason behind all, in addition, my rip mind was the worst reason behind it!
Mod Beky, Sorry for that clash earlier this year "2023" .....! Hope the new beginning in shape of a new year brings lots of love in your life.

With Mod Helena, I did discuss the same, got some good sort of answers and consolation through words! Recently, last night, I had a statement "We want anon We want anon" while mod Helen of Troy was doing her trivias as this was her turn to make trivias and help users gain some wincoins to try for an ongoing Telegram hunt. Actually I wanted to mention "a competitive Trivia making" between both mods, but the mistake I did was "Departing a small statement into 2 different parts" which caused a stop in Helen of Troy's trivias and I know, a little hurting feeling; or even more than that; because I know she is sensitive like me!
Mod Helen of Troy; an apology from bottom of my heart to you; sorry for every mistake. And grateful for staying like an elder sister to support in everything I misunderstood :) hope the new year fulfils all your said or unsaid desires.

Why to apologize?
A new year is emerging; if an apology can set everything alright, everyone shall go for it! We need to throw bad happenings in the year going beyond and make good vibes with the start of the coming one!

Let's stop our immaturity

And bring maturity!
Let's stop abusiveness,
And spread happiness!
Let's not wait for wishing in the new year,

Say in advance, Happy New Year!