An Animation in Windice


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Hello windice family . have a great and beautiful day and wish you all luck and joy : )

these days I've been trying to make an animation with mixing of windice. so I made this animation

if you wanna win hire one of this guys . I hired one .it was useful for me haha.

anyways sorry if it was weird or else .
as you know animation works by putting frames after each one and you have to make so many drawing to make a shape or body move.

it took me so long to make this nearly 20 to 30 hours and I know it's not good . I made it for fun and I'm not expert : (

I hope you enjoy this . wish you health : )
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This is awesome! It was really fun and entertaining to watch!! Im impressed you made that yourself 🤩
very interesting .. you're all the best in gaming and also doing animation :)) .. be success more :)