A Guide for Forum Posters/Writers


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A Guide for Forum Posters/Writers

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Hello the charming forum family? Look at the moon in the darkest moment of night and see how much beautiful does it seem to be! I hope you are like that moon whose only purpose is to enlighten the darkest moments of people into joy and beauty! This is going to be a guide to writing posts for forum as you already know there is a "Monthly Top Poster Challenge"! However, in recent times, there is an extra emergence of competitors among which only three top posters with quality and unique posts, successfully, make their names in the winners' list each month! For the craze of winning, I feel and witnessed users "Trying to copy paste materials from other sites, using tools to convert the wordings or sentence structures and often pasting exact statements of others' to their forum posts". This lays a way to injustice for those whose creation is 100% original, because they are showing their creativity, not the stuffs written by experts for other sites, in the Forum of Windice.

There is a field "Research Writing" that insures safety from plagiarism and suggests the correct way of showing one's own creativity. All this can help one put evidences from other experts' works through a thorough way of "referencing"! Mitra points out, "It supports and strengthens our argument." I know it is hard to go for a researched-based work, but, on the other side, windice is offering the winners with a great amount of money for that in rewards! As good contributors for forum, it becomes our obligation to follow rules and regulations set by the team and provide full originality in our works we are posting on Forum!

Research Writing needs lots of criteria, such as an introduction that includes "background of the study", "Statement of the problem", "Research Objectives", "Research Questions". The introduction is followed by "Literature Review" that is all based on collecting materials from other sites or even from other person, we are not doing any literary research, so we can skip the Literature Review! Later we find "Research Methodology, which I feel is not necessary for forum writing! Afterwards we have "Discussion" that is an important part of writing anything and then a "Conclusion" that is important enough as well! Finally a "Reference List" for mentioning the works that are read by the poster and later used as references in his artefact of writing.

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While writing for forum, three of the parts from above mentioned are necessary to be used: an Introduction, Discussion, and Conclusion. Never mind, the literature review is not important for forum posting, but references given by experts which you feel are supporting your ideas will literally help your content to be worthy enough! And that is what my main points stand on! We often use words and statements from other sites, without utilizing a correct format that will would not credit originality to our works. We need to use a "Referencing Style" if we are mentioning something really amazing from another sites. Let's go for an example below.


If I'm writing on Crypto prices, and I start reading materials from other sites! And a line hits me that would be suitable for my content too, so I can apply "Referencing Style" to take his exact words and mention them in my post. Remember to mention the original author to give all credits of that single statement to him/her. Read the given passage below.

Cryptocurrency are seemingly emerging faster than some years in the past! The prices have collapsed the old records of their highest prices. Tanaya Macheel says, "According to Coin Metrics, the price of the cryptocurrency was last higher by 2.86% at $66,560.39." However, before reaching this much high, it was $65k as highest!


This small passage is a clear example for using Referencing Style accepted worldwide as an authentic way for making your piece of writing unique and strong! You may, for evidence, mention the link from where you have brought the reference of an expert in the very bottom of your thread like, see down!

Tanaya Macheel's work: https://www.cnbc.com/amp/2024/04/22...llowing-first-bitcoin-halving-since-2020.html

It is not necessary that we should have all the points in our minds! We can explore materials and gain ideas that will help our piece of writing! All that we need to do is avoid copy pasting others' materials! And remember avoid using other tools for changing wordings and structure of others' works for posting them on your name which is totally unethical and wrong!

Just look at the last reference list. I used one of a quoted statements of an author about the importance of References in works! And it is important to mention the reference list for the originality of your content!

Hope this small guide will be helpful for your future threads :) ☺️ good luck the Posters/Writers :)

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