A 2 minutes love story!


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A 2 minutes love story!

The boy, Bebagir, was tall and handsome. He had never been so arrogant to anyone nor pride of his handsomeness. Way from home to college, he got into a traffic jam. Bebagir was simple, so to maintain his simplicity, he never took a car, though he was rich enough, travelled on bicycle. The 2 minutes traffic jam was a Beginning and the Ending of a true and first time ever love story of the boy.

A girl, from a car stepped down, and rushed towards him. She positioned face to face, and proposed the boy with a rose 🌹. Bebagir was, for this moment, covered with silence, as he never ever thought of such a thing. The girl said some words, "I don't know you, but all that I saw, my soul caught your soul and narrated that you are someone special to it! And for me it is ever first time talking to a boy in public!"

The traffic got cleared and she in hurry went to the car. Later on, he found himself outside the road unconscious. And felt, she had told something else while sitting in the car. "I'm moving far away, if life remains would get another meetup!" said the girl while leaving the spot as Bebagir remember!

The day or these 2 minutes was the starting of the love of Bebagir and unfortunate ending of his love story! Because it is since then 50 years, he did not get the chance to meet her again! Not he could find her without any information!

Love ❤️ is love, that never gets to be forgotten :) ❤️