600$ in a year😱 How😱?


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600$ in a year 😱 How? 😱

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:) Hello, the enthusiastic family and charming friends within the family! Finding you here says how much healthy you are, and hope your health remains same as it is or gloom more if you are feeling ill! You might be confused, at the beginning, that I'm discussing my success in Windice and putting this thread on general section! Let me elaborate this, I'm not specifically focusing the site, rather telling my success story of earning 500$ (not sure, because the earned amount is probably exceeding then the supposed one) a year! In my opinion, 600$ is not that bad if one is using his free time within the site instead of wasting it by scrolling reels on Insta, YouTube and Facebook, isn't it? Okay, let's delve deep into it!

:) I have joined the site on 9th of August, 2021 and a total number active days are 90. Through these days, you may get a clear understanding how less time I used to build this small amount. If you have more time to be online, there is, for sure, a bigger amount to earn instead of 600-800$.

:) People rarely come across worthy strategies that later shifts to be priceless gifts as they bring more wins. Formation is a little tougher than imitation and Aristotle quotes "Human beings learn through imitation." To follow the concept, I'm trying to showcase my strategies of earning 600$ or even more on Windice through investing my free time plus a amount that i earned, basically, from Windice.

:) :) :) :) :)
Sv13rby: Do students have free time rather than study times?
Onipeid: For sure they do! And a focused learner utilises his free time by reading more books!
Unluckybolte: Truly said Ony! And a student too much need of pocket money uses his a little or more free time in earnings; mostly from internet, because it is a little easier to go on with!

The short conversation to let the piece continue :) 😁

:) :) :) :) :)

:) Apart from this, it becomes a little harder to achieve such a goal when a user is poor. Being a poor student, I myself have witnessed hardships when I started at the very beginning! Later, through experiences, I kept my strategies building more stronger to gain something worthy of use.

:) What strategies did I use last year that brought me 600$ or even more? This might be still exceedingly powerful question that is disturbing your tiny mind? No worries, you are going to get familiarised with my tactics. You know, investment is a basic thing to do in every business. You investments may put you in 2 different conditions; either in profit or in loss! Whenever you are on loss, the game ends, doesn't that? I say no, there is always a way open to go with! And the other spot "Profit" is a new chance to invest more so that your business grows!

:) I find users; mostly in need of payouts only, and when they feel like "there is no more payouts for months" they choose to quit or blame the site for it! If one asks for his deposits "simply investments" the ratio merely stays on "0-10%" aww, isn't it vague to hear? It is, forsooth and may for some it is not; all well, everyone has their own opinions to let their lives and thinking function.

:) After each payout, I'm always doing a deposit in the site. Why is the deposit needed? This question might mound you! The deposit helps me in 2 purposes, 1) it brings a new chance for playing crypto till I reach on another payout limit and the 2) it covers the corner of investment in the site that I call my internet home and investing in one's home is never a shame to do :)

:) I'm not that much risky! My most of the payouts are minimum and double than the minimum if that belongs to my wins! Other contest rewards maybe a little bigger! I found users with eager-goal of being millionaire within their first payout! I don't say it is impossible, but hard enough to do because greed has no limit until all is gone! No one knows when green streaks change to red ones! After the immediate turn of streaks they lose all they have; either 10-20$ or 50-100$.

:) There are so many contests, like forum challenges, top Poster of the month, telegram hunts and chat hunts! I have made strategies in them as well! Like on telegram whenever I'm in profit, I compare the rewards that is set for top 3 users with the profit I build while trying that, if reward is greater, I end up with winning and if profit is greater, I choose to stop! Hunt is full of fun but having a good earning has more fun : P Forum Challenges most of the time beings profit and a new chance in the next week for those who complete the tasks! Top poster is too much effective if one knows, and this piece is purposed for it too :p I did reveal a secret, let's make the competition tough for top poster of the month buddies : P 😀

:) For challenges; forum and telegram, people do have the excuse that they don't have coins to participate! I was one of them! But after hearing strategies from "Sv13rby" I'm feeling happy enough! He said he never payouts all, instead, keeps something for hunts and challenges if ever needed! I am doing the same, saving 7-15$ in my Binance account so that I shall never miss a chance for hunts and challenges! You may try this as well :)

:) These events play a significant role in earning more crypto. I guess most of the users have witnessed huge tips of mods to some specific players, do you know, they are the rewards of events being distributed. I do never miss my chance for participating in the events. They bring me at least 2-6$ that i believe is never a bad profit.

:) Do you know consistency? Yes, I meant the power to stay on a decision! There are so many games users play in the site, what they lack, is their consistency over their desired targets! A strategic target is like a clear path towards profits! Like, we can find users saying "oops missed" or "busted" time and again! This is a reason, most probably, of their inconsistent targets and mindsets. I mostly play, apart from forum challenges and telegram hunts, on crash with a target of 2111x. That stands in my strategies, I have not found a player choosing this target as I do! And for most of the time I was able to make it a profitable green! One thing, I never change my target if I don't get it, just because of my consistency in that! Remember, you really don't know whether the 2nd bet is flying higher or not! And this happens to see "missed" after changing the target in most of chatters' talks :p. It maybe a good question that "Do you change your seeds or not?" The answer can be, yes I do! I do change my seeds by seeing the status of my rocket's flying power! If I feel it is trying to fly higher, after getting the target 3 times, I change my seeds, if I feel it is not going higher, I change my seeds after getting it for once! However, sometimes without getting the target, I change my seeds; because it feels like, the seeds are not for the crash whenever it does not cross 100x after playing 200 bets!

:) The most important thing, how can we save the money? It is a difficult question to be answered. Rich can easily save that in cryptos, but the poor exchange them in fiat to their country's currency as I do! I use my accounts; EasyPaisa and Bank account to save my money! And the best bank is one of my friends, he is running a business, I send all of my money to him! He did his business and safeguard my earned money! Whenever there is need of money, I just send a message and get the money instantly; remember, you need a trustworthy friend for such a risk :p

:) I don't know how much this piece is effective for sharing the tactics! I would love to show my gratitude to my Windice family that has been too much supportive in all of my success! Building strategies is the biggest success if one aims to it! It is a no shame act to ask friends for their strategies! Mod mowmow just indicated what if I share my success and strategies on forum! And here this is!

:) :) :) :) :)
Sv13rby: Such a long piece to read :p
Onypeid: Never mind, the more you read, the more comprehensive strengths your mind develops!
Unluckybolte: So true of that!
:) :) :) :) :)

:) That is all buddies! Keep building, keep making people happy and keep growing the best environment around you! 😄😊💕
I read again your all your article from top to until end. Thanks Lucky Bottle :) be success more and rich more :)