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100 word Story!

:) Hello the champs of life, how are you all feeling? All well, right? So this thread is a little different, covering my skills, I do not know how much developed I am in them, in writing short stories. Forum is a platform, mostly people use their writing skills to showcase their talents, and I am just trying to contribute to it by bringing different genres of literature "Written-works". This 100 words story can be measured as a writing skill. I can just hope for making you people entertained by my story downward. Enjoy reading and keep smiling :)

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:) "So beautiful the stars are." She said while laying on her back on top of the mountain.
:) "Not more beautiful than the land we own!" He narrated without disturbing his affixed eyes on the shore hopefully!
:) "Do you love those stars?" She asked pointing to couple of stars through shaping a heart with hands.
:) "Only if our land's beauty keeps reflecting them!" He replied, still lost deep into his thoughts, gazing the shaky trees while smiling.
:) "Will those stars depart?" She asked, disappointingly, with a low voice!
:) "No, until they are on our land." Rubbing her head, consolingly, he replied!

:) :) :) :) :)
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