You are not alone...


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Life is beautiful, and full of rewarding moments...

They can be memories of an innocent childhood where a bag could become a shirt or folded socks were perfect for football. Or perhaps a love or several loves that made you feel your heart full and think that everything is easy when holding hands with someone. A family meal where there were no empty seats at the table, one of those where the laughter still resonates in your mind. We were all very happy, at least for an instant.

But here's the problem... we became adults.

Existential questions start to arise, We ask ourselves daily if we are enough, we try hard and think it is not enough, but they say that just trying is enough.

Responsibilities weigh us down, and we forget to look for moments of joy in pursuit of astronomical goals, but they say the secret is to go step by step.

Empty seats start to appear at the table because we know that we all have an expiration date on this plane, We fill ourselves with pain without thinking about the ephemeral nature of time, and they say the key was to stop living thinking that we are eternal.

Love... The day comes when we open our eyes to understand that life was not easier holding someone's hand, it was only more beautiful, but when we lose it seems that that love takes away the palette of colors leaving you in gray, but they say that no one dies of love.

Everything seems to have a simple solution, but in the exercise of life, few things are. We swallow emotions, cry alone, and hide pain without realizing that sometimes the feeling that breaks a heart can be the same that heals it.

If you feel like the anguish is squeezing your throat like a tie, if you want to express how tired you are of work not being enough, if you feel alone, if anxiety is driving you crazy, if your mistakes are tipping the scale, please don't forget that we all hit rock bottom and need to release the stones from our backpack to be able to resurface.

I hope you find someone who will extend a hand and know how to listen without judging, I hope you find a shoulder to rest your tired head on and you can cry until you fill it with mucus. No one is so strong, so perfect, so aware, or so self-sufficient. It doesn't matter who you are, you can count on me.

“On the one hand, we all want to be happy. On the other, we know the things that make us happy, but we don't do them. Why? Very simple, we are too busy. Busy doing what? Too busy trying to be happy.”