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Bitcoin was developed as a digital currency with the aim of paying for services and goods. Ripple, in turn, was created for banks and payment networks as a payment settlement, money transfer system, and currency exchange. The main idea of Ripple was to create a system of direct asset transfers in real-time which would be cheaper, more transparent, and secure than the existing payment methods, such as SWIFT payments.
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In my point of view the BTC was king of all crypto currencies. I think the ripple crypto also playing a key role now adays it is also well developing currency .we support it but it should be lower than the BTC.so how many members support the ripple.Dont feel guilty in replying.
Normally Bitcoin supporters are against Ripple because it doesn't meet the criteria for decentralization. Ripple labs holds around 60 billion XRP(more than half of the total supply), and basically XRP holders can only pray for the company wouldn't dump it on the market.
Either or if ripple overtakes btc price you know how many people would be millionaire's. Like we would be able to buy eachothers a new houses a tip lol.
Btc becomes more of a store of value. You cannot withdraw it as fast as it was written while xrp I have no idea. Haha. But will try to know more about it. They say it is a shitcoin. But I like using it to withdraw because it is faster than btc and has lower fees.