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Hello @Unluckybolte and the winning dice Community

Let's be difficult today let's think different what make you feel sad when you're loosing bet by bet. changing Seeds using other multiplier which strengthen the situation and there's nothing you can set to affect the on going gamble. Most users change the slots (I recommend quit the gambling for some pause) the amateurs do in reaction even higher bets or all in but remember you cannot effect the game there's no inputs possible every slot has only one entry that'd is the button mostly in flashy green colour to let the slot gamble the scenario. Maybe you understood what I mean but I must declare that the point of this topic is the missing game play "as on Tetris for example: you're having full control of the game situation and can handle by unique inputs an looking like this: << X O ∆ >> using the familiar Keys for handling left right forward of even jump outs imagine this would be the joker. " Back to the general problem we are paying on a machine whit the missing input possibilities like on Tetris game. It's hard to find a way that's why we are playing tvt tournaments Rolling Hunts and some wise trivia questions peeps enjoy it. Me too that's why I request a New game format called correct answer 21 the winner selects the new Trivia Question example: Formula Trivia reply: 'Lamborghini' = √ earn $ Reward or winncoin. If you understood until now everything is it still not desired for me there's rarely such slots available nowadays I don't know any at least making the win jackpot or loss and ruin based on attempted gameplay decisions and maybe just the Time which adds a brand new dimension we are just making like Einstein adding a new dimension. Blasting machine super slot

the future of Online casino and the trending windice. let's back again ideas ahead like address every win and make a ranking index where the top 10 release bug reward for example a cam2cam meeting with @onipeid I think you have better ideas for the winners anyway from now on your begging a trivia IAM repeatedly starting the trivia and the faster you hit the keys and a bit of luck you're doing it and the main difference is there no luck need it's more on your skills than on luck.

I'm simply luck is the last tenor we use to hide our ignorance to the objective structure which can't be affected for now. I just got a fantastical new markup imagine this in virtual reality where the law's are true grey zones. You might need a fast device machine and Brill's but everything here can be settled on settings....

Using different Layout for in house games is my next topic but only if it success

What you think about it for now? Get accredited today pm me .. If you think you must pm Thanks for your time

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Please read it will bring you luck etc won't attract you hopefully

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