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If faucet should be reset any the end of the platform day

  • Yes

  • No

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The Faucet needs to just be rest at the end of the day. Because once you run out it seems like he’s always telling you you have to wait and that’s just ridiculous there’s only 24 hours in a day he’s over with reset it. Or it might be just one of the things that make too much sense
It's faucet fair for everyone, because everyone want try claim more than 55 remain faucets to jump the leaderboard contest windice.. there is shop to buy windcoins.. it's part of gambling.

If you want more remain faucet:


If you wager more cryptos and you will get better rank with stars total and calcuate rank. - tokens windice - how does the rating system work

I have hope i helped you, greetings Tomki91
El grifo solo necesita descansar al final del día. Porque una vez que te quedas sin, parece que siempre te dice que tienes que esperar y eso es ridículo, solo hay 24 horas en un día que él termina con reiniciarlo. O podría ser solo una de las cosas que tienen demasiado sentido
Yo misma en estos momentos me he quedado sin una faucet... pero esto es asi y funciona para todos igual.
The faucet here in windice is already fair enough for me. That would be ridiculous if we all get to have unlimited claims every 24 hours. Of course there should be a limit there. Once you have already exhausted your available faucet claims, you need to wait 24 hours for that to reload again