Windice's newly added coin Tron (TRX)


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Wow, this is so cool. An early Christmas gift and surprise from Windice management to us. The newly added coin, Tron.


Now Windice has a total of 7 currencies available for us to choose from when depositing and withdrawing. BTC, BCH, BNB, ETH, LTC, Doge, XRP, and the newest which is TRX.
Very cool as everyone loves TRX specially me. I'm one who collects and holds this currency til now despite it's very low value. I know like Doge, it's price will be higher sooner or later. Haha!

And now that TRX is finally here in Windice, now I have more reasons to earn and hold more TRX. I have more chances of increasing the volume of TRX I hold in me. Hihihi! And what's more cool??? We can deposit any amount we want to deposit. No minimum. So cool, not like other casinos requiring players to deposit at least. Here in Windice player decides how much we wanna deposit. Very nice.

This is so great, Windice making more great developments before 2023 comes and pretty sure, before 2025 Windice is already a very big and very popular online crypto casino with hopefully more than 15 currencies to choose from? Hahaha!

Wooooowwwwwwww what a wonderful thought I have right now. Cant help to imagine how Windice will look like years from now. Let's manifest haha!

I hope Shiba Inu, USDT & Solana, will be among the next currencies to be added in Windice soon. Love these currencies too... Hihihihi!

Thanks again Windice!!!!! Welcome to Windice TRON!!!! 🥳🥳🥳