Windice traffic ranking and and exposure.


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In most times when boredom hits you, you'd fine a way to make something interesting or found something interesting.

Today, I as I stumbled upon an article stating traffics of website, I decided to check windice traffic on, I will provide the link below.

Here are some of the interesting facts I have found.

Here is the top 5 countries that made traffic to windice.

As per the image above, most users of Windice comes from Indonesia with a percentage of 21.02%, Ukraine of 10.29%, Algeria with 9.30% with an increasing number of users to 32y.8%!, UK at 8.64% and Russia with 8.64%. Whilst others holds smaller percentage of population.

Graph of visit from May 2021 to September,

As we see from the graph above, halfway of May to july the number of users who visits the site is flat and dramatically increased in july upto september.

And while I am only active on windice, I have tried to look for other competitive online casino that can be compared to windice. And some of them I have heard from different articles available online, and register from the few, but nothing feels, like windice, yieee. Haha.

Here are the top 10 competitors of windice!


Well I have accounts on some but the engagement from windice is far more different from other sites. I have account on faucetpay but haven't play in there. 😅 and not too active too.

On other platforms like luckyfish and betfury, I haven't known them. Or maybe you guys knew!

If you want to research more about the analytics and a more updated site, here is the link :)

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