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I have been using windice since 2021, however, i found it the only casino that i am using till now. Its easy ways to access and easy uses have not made me feel to stop utilizing my time plus energy here and 2 years, while using windice, have passed like a flashlight so far still i feel attractiveness in it. Having multiple friends and under the guidance of many active mods, it has always been a funny and enjoyable journey. I always considered windice the best casino and now I'm perfectly sure that it is on its way to become the best forever.

Windice's management team has recently done a great job. Their implementation of new ideas and tactics have attracted more users. Approximately 230 users, as the highest number I witness, were online before at a moment. On the other hand, recently i noticed that the number of online users is increasing day by day as it surpasses 350 users online.


Some of the most important changes and activities are managed by administration that brought a huge difference between windice in past and windice in this new era. For instance, more trivias and more chat games are basic improvements, including some others. But the most essential ones of them are Telegram Hunts, Forum Challenges and Twitter Giveaways.

I have noticed that the hunters, most of the time, waited for their prizes after declaration of results of hunts, challenges and giveaways. It took hours and sometimes days to get their prizes as all the responsibility was under Mod @elsker. He was mostly out of network due to his profession.

But now things are substituted and responsibilities are distributed among some most active Mods like, @siopaw, @mowmow and @Bekyhig180 . Mostly mod @mowmow and mod @Bekyhig180, now onwards, look the forum challenges and twitter giveaways and mod @siopaw handles telegram hunts. As now the prizes are distributed soon after they are over with no delay.

One can find an increment in Twitter Giveaways' rewards, it jumped up from $25 to $50. Sometimes 5 users are credited, 10$ for each, and sometimes 10 users are rewarded, $5 for each. Forum challenges are being more interesting and that brought new challengers' concerns towards them. Everyone can find new challenge completers trying recent forum challenges like, Sv13rby and onipeid. And a lot of players are trying who, most of the time, get failed in hitting bets, albeit, are motivated and continued with their efforts.

Attentively, I would appreciate the telegram hunts more in favor. Users are impressed enough by seeing 3 hunts a week, while they have experienced telegram hunts once a week. The beauty in these three hunts a week is, not a single game is selected time and again. They now include, dice, plinko and crash. Previously, one could witness only some active hunters' participation and they were the winners too like, "Letsrollandplay, Mrbones and CharorowtzXD" but with budge upping the number of hunts a week and choosing different games has risen up the number of users joining the telegram hunts. They include, Onipeid, Sv13rby, Essa123, hamato, goldgolden, fairylean, Unbaeten, BadLuckKing, Unluckybolte, Izachk066, Zahid786, William13, Don718, Shahyan123, Renato32, Koljascha and Michele27.


And i am happy to see new hunters taking top places in telegram hunts like onipeid and Sv13rby. As the picture is referring it above!

So far these changes have made a big impact on the number of users using windice more and more.
And hopefully that day is not far when we will see 1000 people online.


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Totally agree with you! This is a great site and is improving day by day! Its nice to be part of this!
I agree that it improves a lot :) I also like that the mods encourage us to take part in the hunts/challenges. I never joined before and when I tried I thought it was so much more fun then I expected. The hunt in your post was really exciting until the end with several players competing for the top 3 :D