windice payout delay


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to all those who are spreading fake news that windice doesnt this..

i used vpn and went on creating new accounts and went all in i.e. 150sats for 990x payout...if it didnt hit then i logged out without setting any password and again logged in with new account and repeated the process....

after 400 tries..i hit 990x ...i.e. my balance was 135k sats....

(dont worry i didnt cash out..i just logged out of that account without creating password ;) )

similarly some can use tips as a mechanism to abuse the faucet.....

like wise there are certain loop holes in the system if payment method was automatic...

in order to avoid all these abuses.. windice sometimes uses manual verification to give payout...

sometimes they take time to verify to avoid any abuse..

so please cooperate with windice... play genuinely ...

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Agree.. just because the pay.out takes long before it has to be sent to the requested address doesnt mean the site doesnt pay. All pay.out requester always need to submit ticket for verification. And that's for sites security purposes. Because frankly speaking, its not just first time pay.outers who can abuse faucets by creating multiple accounts. Even old and active members can do that too.. That is why all pay.outs has to be manual so accounts csn be double checked first before processing the requested pay.out. One more thing, people needs to understand that we have different time zones and different time of resting. And that just like everyone else, our admin also has important matters to attend to at times. Just have patience and full of understanding and efforts willbe paid off. Either we accept this process or quit and never come play in the site again.