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The weeks forum was down many players got sad and feeling so lifeless. When it became available again a lot rejoiced and so lively again. It only goes to show that its not only the Windice game page players come to visit everyday but this forum as well. Undeniably, almost everyone missed and loves this Forum for so many reasons. Players love to visit forum to check new challenges available weekly, to post their thoughts and ideas, to share their current achievements, disappointments, excitements, feelings, etc. And to post previous, current and future events in crypto community.
This place not only help players build up their ability to hunt and fill their pockets, but also helps members who have skills in writing boosting someone's confidence to share his ideas, thoughts and feelings about something or someone.
Im so loving the fact that this forum is an all in one place. For me this looks like facebook. There is a section for games, section for socializing, and a section for posting current news and events.

So its nice forum is finally running great again. Hope it wont go down again gor very long days. Happy end week of September !! 🍾🍷
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