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About the VIP System at Windice

Q: What is this? I am confused, please explain.
A: Windice has introduced the VIP system for players - Level up and unlock new features: Cashback, Rakeback, Store discounts, VIP rains, and much more.
Q: What is a Wincoin and how can I use it?
A: Wincoins or tokens are a gaming currency to use in the store. You can purchase experimental accessories, faucet accessories, different colors for your nickname or avatar images, and even change your nickname. More features, items, and ways to spend Wincoins will be introduced over time, so stay tuned!
Q: Where can I see my progress in VIP levels?
Q: Where can I see the items I can purchase with Wincoins?
Q: Can I sell / trade Wincoin for cryptocurrencies?
A: No, you cannot do that at any time.
*There might be free Wincoin tournaments introduced soon, where players would win cryptocurrency prizes based on the amount of Wincoins they possess by the end of the day. Read our announcements and follow us on Telegram, Twitter, FB, and VK to learn more about the upcoming updates.
Q: Can I tip or send Wincoin rains?
A: No, only administrators and moderators can do that.
Q: How can I obtain Wincoins?
A: The easiest way would be to claim your free faucet. Players can also obtain chat rains, participate in games, trivia, etc.
Q: Where did my Wincoins go?
A: Wincoins are reset to zero every 24 hours at 01:00 UTC. Make sure to spend your coins before they reset to zero.
Q: Where is my faucet?
A: Your faucet is still there (active). However, players below the silver level (level 21) can only claim free Wincoins. Level up to unlock the VIP cryptocurrency faucet.
Q: What are experience points (EXP)?
A: Players earn experience points by betting cryptocurrencies. Every $1 bet = 1 experience point. You can also buy exp for Wincoins in the store.
Q: Why can't I buy exp packs more than once?
A: Every exp pack is available for purchase once every 24 hours.
Q: What's the issue with star levels?
A: Stars = an additional VIP rating that depends on your position on the top betting leaderboard. This rating is updated every hour and is calculated according to the table here.
The number of faucet claims and the average number of Wincoins per diamond discovered, depend on how many stars you have.
Q: How do I receive chat rains?
A: Be active in the chat, engage constructively, and you might be rewarded. Remember - the giveaway is random, don't complain or ask for it; that will draw moderators' attention and may reduce your chances of receiving something in the future.
Q: Do wagered Wincoins count towards leveling up?
A: No, only cryptocurrencies do. However, you can buy an experience pack in the store with Wincoins and level up that way.
Q: What is Rakeback?
A: Rakeback is a VIP bonus where players receive a portion of their bet (according to VIP level) refunded to them. Windice offers up to 25% of the house edge as Rakeback.
Q: What is Cashback?
A: Cashback is a VIP bonus where players recover a portion of their loss (according to VIP level) over a certain period of time. Windice offers up to 10% cashback to its players.
Q: What is a daily bonus?
A: Daily bonus / 7-day streak. Players receive daily bonuses for their activities. Log in every day for a week to get a bonus in Wincoins and experience points. The bonus counter resets after a week or if a player doesn't log in for 24 hours since their last visit. The bonus updates daily at 01:05 UTC.
Q: Why does my faucet require EXP to be claimed?
A: The Wincoin faucet is free to claim, but at level 21 and above, players will have to "pay" 200 experience points to claim their VIP cryptocurrency faucet. This prevents faucet abuse and encourages players to buy experience packs for Wincoins if they want to play without depositing.
Q: What if I have a VIP question that is not addressed here?
A: Please send a message to one of the Moderators in the chat; they will be happy to assist you.

Good luck to everyone! 🍀
This is something that users are always asking and its great to have this here for that ocations. Wiii
This is something that users are always asking and its great to have this here for that ocations. Wiii
Glad to know that we are meeting the needs of users. Our goal is to provide you with a useful and satisfying experience, and we're here to help whenever you need us. Let us know, if you have questions or suggestions; we are always listening. 😊