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Today, a newly introduced contest has began. The name of this contest is, "Wincoin daily contest". And as stated in the rules, it runs for 24 hours, so it will start and end during reset. Just like today. Started June 30th, 09:00 GMT+08:00 and will end tomorrow, July 1st, at 09:00 GMT+08:00. And obviously, this contest is not about who gets the most wincoins for the whole day by only catching rains and winning trivias. It's about who raises more by playing with these wincoins we get from faucet, rains, tips and trivia rewards. So who ever are not playing/betting using this wincoin is not/ will not be included in the contest. And who ever loses the wincoins they have by betting will automatically be removed from the list, so play your best and avoid getting too many reds, avoid busting your wincoins if you wanna continue being on the top 10 list. In short, play smarter. :) Raise your wincoins higher and receive doges as reward for being on top 10 list. :)


Please also remember, no alt accounts allowed. So if some of you players join this contest with more than one account, you will automatically be terminated from the contest. So play honestly no cheating. :)

Enjoy WINDICE family.
Keep winning and have fun always. :)

Now, who says wincoin is useless and not worth collecting and earning??
Better think again. :)
nice contests....windice is adding nice features day after day
So true.. I think this is just to prove to everyone specially to those who complains they dont like the new look of windice and they want the old one, that the update is worth it and is cool and that they got it all wrong. :)
That’s is the only thing which I like in windice 2.0( updates) . Let’s rock with wincoins .
Good luck