Will you recommend Windice to your friend?


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Just curious about many who will never expose their success secrete to their friend to have a share of it. Have made a reasonable amount of Bitcoin from Windice gambling platform and have introduced some of my friends to join in the winnings too. Some of them are on this platform and the winnings continue from here. Cheers buddy!!!. For this community to grow we must work together by naratting our good story to friends in order to montivate them into this platform.
Yes I love the site so far and it has all the tools to easily promote it.
I have recommended to several and some have come to complain that they have lost everything lol. But the important thing is to announce (= then I announce to everyone (=
Of course the bet range is super cool 😎 compared to other site xd
I most definitely will be referring others ! I am loving this site !
if I will bring more Latinos to the platform and the windice family grow