Wich place we can get giveaway in Windice


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Hello friends, I hope you all are well and have better luck in your own game, so once again I am going to talk about a new topic for you, so you must read the whole, I hope you like it Windice has given us facilities to a great extent and in many ways and many people violate the rules in Windice and disturb in many ways such as making alt accounts and asking for tips and disturbing the moderates, so friends please do this. Avoid and save others and try your luck when Windice gives you a giveaway from many places, you might be lucky and win the giveaway. then start. On this topic, the name of this topic is where you can get the giveaway in Windice We can get giveaway from many places in Windice, some new users don't know about it, old users know about it, so friends.I am going to tell you where we can get the giveaway No.1 Twitter giveaway. So friends, Windice has twitter from where we can get giveaway. In twitter, some conditions of Windice have been imposed. You can get the giveaway by completing them. There are more like following, you can see here what are the conditions. It lasts for a week and then again new started in twitter giveaway 50$ is shared and distributed among 10$ lucky people Each lucky person out of 10$ people is given 5$ and you can also join the twitter giveaway by fulfilling these conditions and you can also be lucky. And you can win this giveaway, friends must participate in the twitter giveaway No.2 stream Giveaways Windice has a live stream Giveaways in this one we watch a live video and can get a chance to win a giveaway and this video Windice is made by a few people one of them is moderate peckatop he does this live stream and many people do it and you can see that too, so let's watch live video in it and that man can play usdt games and other crypto currency and whoever is watching his stream writes their names in a list. There can be maximum number of people and then one spins, you can also be lucky among all of them, if your name is mentioned, then you will win this giveaway. You can watch this live video stream download app on twitch and kick app. are and can be a part of this giveaway No.3 Telegram giveaway And the third is telegram giveaway. This giveaway is given about 3 times in every week in Windice and you can also participate and get this giveaway. So let's have a contest in telegram giveaway in which many people can participate and this The bet is that you must be in the top 3 in which a hunt is given such as 280x it can be on any game dice or crash and 3rd is plinko in which any one can be 24x or 37x and crypto currency bet is fixed it has a fixed time when this competition will end so you can also participate in it when this competition starts all friends try to go up if you place a bet So you have to take a screenshot of your bet, go to the telegram app in mobile and send a screenshot of the bet. If suppose 20 people are participating and 30 bets of the 1st and 20 of the 2nd and 10 of the 3rd, then you should hit 11. And you will get top3 place.This competition can go to several bets, you have to join the top 3 and if you stay in the top 3, you will win this giveaway and the rest of the participants are given 1000 coins. Hope you all like this topic very much. It would be nice to always keep laughing and smiling☺️☺️ like this. Thanks for reading🤗🤗🤗
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