Why do we not like negative comments on casino forums?


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There are several reasons why people do not like negative comments on casino forums.

First, they can be demotivating for other users. When someone reads negative comments, they may start to doubt their chances of winning. This could discourage them from playing at the casino or make them play with less money.

Second, negative comments can be harmful to the casino's reputation. If a casino has many negative comments, it may be seen as unreliable or untrustworthy. This could make it difficult for the casino to attract new customers.

Third, negative comments can simply be unpleasant. No one likes reading negative comments, especially when they are unjustified. This could make users feel bad or want to avoid the casino.

Here are some specific examples of negative comments that can be found on casino forums:


"This casino is a scam! I never won a penny there."


"The customer service at this casino is horrible! They didn't reply to my email for a week."


"Casino is just a waste of time and money. It's not worth playing."

Of course, not all negative comments are unfair. Sometimes people have legitimate reasons to be unhappy with a casino. However, it is important to remember that casinos are not charitable organizations. Their goal is to make money, and that means that they will not always be able to meet the expectations of all customers.

If you are reading a negative comment about a casino, it is important to stay objective. Don't jump to conclusions and try to understand the situation from both sides.​
I do not agree I get your point but freedoms (this is just funny example) burning a holy Koran or Bible in Sweden is called free speech

so you'd leave open and allow even defend everybodydcomment without ❓ negativities or positive censoring..
Actually its not just in casino forums but casino chatrooms as well. Seeing too many negative comments in chatrooms specially if the basis are not strong enough they just want to blame the platform for their loses is honestly annoying and indeed can be discouraging for other players. However, like what I have tried to explain to some, negative comments from players cannot be avoided specially if they are depositors. We need to give them benefit of the doubt as much as possible since it's their money they gambled. What we do not allow is the act of continuously accusing the site and its employees of being scam, spreading too much lies and hatred, and worst cursing and fully degrading us.