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Hello dear friends.

I was thinking about windice history yesterday.
back in 2020 . I can remember the day that the only available game was Dice . Nothing else . No crash no plinko and nothing else . And i remember that most of the currencies were not even here. There was few coins like BTC , Eth , LTC , DOGE , and not sure about Bitcoin Cash.

Still it was fun to play in Windice that time.
But as the time passed the Develop team added more games and currencies. So exciting. After they add crash i really felt so happy and joyful. You know more games = more fun . And playing only one game is a little boring. i don't know why but i left windice for 2 or 3 years . After i came back as salamm i was shocked to see more games added like slots roulette plinko and that ticket game . Really exciting .

But it looks like the last game added to windice is the slot in 10th January 2021 (but the last provider was in 2023 i guess) and also the last currency added to the site was tether in 16th december 2022. I mean these changes are really great but it's been a while that no changes happened in windice . I personally like more games . Even there was a post in forum few years ago about choosing one of the mentioned games. My word is more games makes more excitement for me. don't know about others . Guys vote if you like to . I hope dev team will see this and bring us joy with something new ; )