Which of the Altcoins worth investing?


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Recently i was asked of the best altcoin to invest and my answer was Ethereum and somebody shouted at me not to ever invest in Ethereum, it wonders me why such a high Caliber of such crypto guru would give such advice. Is Ethereum not the best Altcoin in the market?

Which of these Altcoin would you recommend. Thanks.
I am of course not sure which one is going to the moon but I likr pos coins
I think it's Ethereum and Monero above all.

I can't say about all the other cryptos, but, guys, don't invest in Bitcoin SV unless you are very experienced trader who can sell it several hours later with a profit. This coin will fail in the long run for sure.
According to me, Ethereum is the one of the oldest altcoin and if we see directly, then it's the more stable indeed then any other crypto.
If you really want to invest in altcoins and want quick profits, then choosing ETH is not wise decision. Go for the volatile ones. It can give you fast profits or fast losses.
Eth is for slow and steady profits IMO. Also it's less risky if you invest in Ethereum.
No idea but in mining JSEcoin as you can do it with CPU. Not worth much but it's fairly new.. and in doing it on a raspberry pi so the electrical cost is nothing.. with any luck it will go up
as we can see in the market my best altcoins so far is BCH with its low fees,,, and i think this coins well make its own history in crypto world.
What ever you choose, make sure you hold at least 70% of your porfolio in BTC, more than 90% of the Alts will never reach again the previous ATH...
This post is old, but they are time logs, to realize how some questions can make us win money, the answer was DoGe :) maybe!?
Doge is good alternative coin for investments. Maybe will growth to 5$ for 1-3 years later.
Doge is good alternative coin for investments. Maybe will growth to 5$ for 1-3 years later.
And so it will be, the main thing is to wait, the capitalization of DogeCoin ( $56,742,578,827)